Back to School Treats for my Sweets!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I officially have one week left before I go back to work (although, I will pop in next week to get a little bit of a head start). I have been creating, laminating, cutting, painting, and even chocolate making to prepare for the beginning of the year! Even after spending a good part of my Summer Vacation preparing, I am still feeling nervous and stressed about getting everything done in time! My list just keeps growing and growing. I know you must all feel the same way!

I thought I would share my first day of school treats and tell you about what I will be doing the first few days. I am lucky enough to be teaching second AND third this year, which means twice the fun! I also get to have TWO classrooms (there happens to be a spare room available). I will have my homeroom for Language Arts and Math and then teach Language Arts in grade two! Yippeee! I love that I get to set up a Language Arts room for my second graders, but that also means twice the work! I will blog about my classroom reveals as soon as they are set up. I have two VERY different themes planned for the each room. 

So here are my First Day gifts!

My third graders will be completing my Students in Disguise Craftivity the first few days and so I decided to go along with a moustache and glasses theme! I think they are going to love it! I do love to bake and make chocolate and I found these amazing molds at Michaels! I just had to get them!

This is what the students will get on the first day!

Step one: Melt the Candy Melts in the Microwave

Step Two: Drip melted chocolate into the molds!

Step Three: Eat!

You can grab a free copy of the Moustache notes right HERE!

You can grab my Students in Disguise Pack right HERE!

For my second graders, I decided to go a little more magical! 

I found these bubbles at Michaels and thought it would be nice to go outside and blow them on the first day. To add a little magic touch, I made these Magic Bubble Cards! I looooooooove them!

You can grab a free copy of the Magic Bubble notes right HERE!

During the first week we will be doing my "Back" to School Craftivity

You can grab my "Back" to School Craftivity right HERE!

Wishing you all a MAGICAL and FAN"TASH"TIC new school year!

Until next time...

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