Currently November Linky Party

Good Evening All,
                              My very wonderful friend over at Grow Up Learning had this adorable little post about what's going on in her fabulous life RIGHT NOW! P.s. she's worth the visit, a wonderful teacher who shares fantastic resources. She got the template from Oh' Boy Fourth Grade. Both Blogs are most definitely stalker worthy!!!!

Here's my Currently November Post

Enjoy and don't forget to let us know what you're up to this minute!


  1. man, I wish I was done with holiday shopping! i've only bought two gifts, both for my 5 month old son. which, i'm pretty sure, doesn't count, seeing as he doesn't know where his thumbs are, much less what Christmas is! :p

  2. You are right, that Celeb of the week idea is super cute!! I have half of my Christmas shopping done! This is only because I ordered a ton from Thirty-One! haha! I am usually a last minute person!

  3. hey glad you found me and thanks for the kind words...glad you could join the party and don't feel bad there are a lot of us (pointing at me) who have not even started shopping... and I am usually half done by this times of year and to be honest I really want to do a homemade Christmas that is Pinterest inspired


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