Pool Party Fun!

Hello Everyone,
I just finished up a new unit that is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

I can't wait for June to come along! My kiddies are sure to love this!

It includes:

- 4 center menus
- 1 word wall
- 1 bingo center 
- 1 memory center (with recording sheet)
-1 spelling center (with recording sheet)
- 1 word search center 
- 1 ABC order center (with recording sheet)
- 4 writing stationary templates

You can check it all out right over HERE!

If you like this, you might want to head over to the beach!

It includes:

- 4 center menus
- 1 memory game (with recording sheet)
- 1 bingo game
- 1 word search
- 1 word sorting game (with recording sheet)
- 1 word wall
- 5 writing stationary template

 You check this one out right over HERE!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo

Oceans of Fun

Happy Saturday to All!
Now I know everyone is probably already thrilled because it's the weekend, but I thought I'd make my cyber friends even happier by sharing a freebie!

It's ocean themed, of course, and will have your kiddies smiling from ear to ear.
I know mine had a great time playing these games!

Your students will have the opportunity to give the octopus the right amount of arms, match words and pictures, place words in ABC order, complete a word search 
(I thought this might not go so well but it actually did! 
They looked for words from their seat and came up if they had found one), 
create patterns using sea shells, 
and place the sea shells in the pail 
(Thought this one might be a little boring! Not the case!).

I'm thinking this a great lesson for a Friday afternoon, or even to use as a center!
Grab yourself a free copy right over HERE

Until next time...

Ms. Nicole xo



Hey Friends,
Have I mentioned we are in Ocean Heaven!? 
We are having a blast!

Today we worked on some ocean centers and had great fun!

Spelling Center

Feed the sharks!


You can find these and many more in this unit!

You can check it all out on my TpT page!

I wanted to share one of the centers that is not included in the package, but that can very easily be implemented during centers!

We made friendly jelly fish for our classroom!
Take a look!

Simple and cute! 
Make a template for the body and give the kiddies some streamers!
I was in awe of how excited they were to create these little masterpieces!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


Mother's Day is on its way...

Good Afternoon Friends,
I'm feeling a little sad as my cousins will be going back to Greece tomorrow, after 
three glorious weeks together :(
I thought, I'd cheer myself up with some blogging!

Just a quick post about some new units I've created!
So excited!

Help your kiddies celebrate their mothers and grandmothers with this 47 page literacy center unit. Students will familiarize themselves with Mother’s Day vocabulary through engaging activities. This package includes:
  • 4 center menu cards
  • 1 bingo center
  • 1 synonym matching center
  • 1 word search
  • 1 description center
  • 4 writing stationary templates

And of course... We cannot forget our special dads!

Help your kiddies celebrate their fathers and grandfathers with this 44 page literacy center unit. Students will familiarize themselves with Father’s Day vocabulary through engaging activities. This package includes:
  • 4 center menu cards
  • 1 bingo center
  • 1 antonym matching center
  • 1 word search
  • 1 spelling center
  • 4 writing stationary templates

You can check out my TpT store for both the Mother's Day and Father's Day units!


In the Land of Submarines

Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to post a quick freebie! My kiddies will be writing letters to friends and loved ones about their undersea missions IN SUBMARINES! 

You can grab yourself a copy of the template right over HERE!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole

Under the Sea...

Hello Everyone,
I have to say, my kiddies are HILARIOUS and a little bossy! Hehe! 
As you all know, we began our Ocean theme just last week and are having an absolute blast with it! I'll let you all in on a little secret... We will continue this theme for a while, then move on to a Beach Unit and finally end the year off with a Pool Party Theme! My bestie Mrs. Leslie over at First Grade Frenzy got me all excited with talks of sprinklers, popsicles, and water fun in the school yard!

Ok, back to my original reason for blogging today, as well as the explanation about the bossy students! Turns out, they love literacy centers more than I initially thought! At the very beginning of last week, one of my kiddies said, "So, when are we going to do ocean centers?" I answered, I don't have any at the moment." To which she responded, "You better get working on them, we want to have ocean centers!" True to form, I got working on it! 
Hey, if the kiddies want to learn, I'm gonna do all I can do to teach them! 

Now that Ms. Amanda (my student teacher) is gone, (she's finished and graduating!) I don't have as much time to read one-on-one with the kiddies anymore, thus we are back to guided reading lessons. What better time to do a guided reading lesson, than during literacy centers! 

This 68 page literacy center unit includes all kind of fun ways to introduce ocean vocabulary to yours kiddies! With vibrant colors and exciting graphics, your students will feel like they've taken a dive into the deep blue sea!

The package includes...

- 4 sea creature facts sheets with a recording sheet 
- 1 ocean theme word wall
- 1 feed the sharks sorting game (students must feed the sharks compound words, 4 and 5 letter words, and words with "sea" in them)
- 1 spelling center
- 1 bingo center 
- 1 word search
- 1 maze
- 5 writing stationary sheets
- 1 word and picture matching game (memory game)

All centers include all the word wall words and recording sheets (with the exception of the bingo center where there is no recording sheet). This ensures that the students are responsible for their learning throughout the centers as well as maximizes the chances of the kiddies correctly recognizing and writing all the new words by the completion of all centers. 

You can check out this new ocean unit on my TpT page!

While you're there, why not check out my Let's Go to the Beach Literacy Center Package!

Summer is upon us! Celebrate and teach your kiddies all about beach vocabulary. Students will participate in various literacy centers and writer's workshop activities that will consistently expose them to the same 28 beach vocabulary words. Thus, ensuring that upon completion of these centers, students will be able to recognize and write beach theme words. The use of beach graphics and a variety of colorful clipart will engage your students and create a fun and meaningful experience.

This package includes:

4 center menus
memory game (same 28 theme words and recording sheet)
bingo game (same 28 theme words and recording sheet)
word search (same 28 theme words)
word sorting game (same 28 theme words and recording sheet)
6 beach writing stationary papers
word wall including the same 28 words that are components of each station

You can find this unit right over HERE!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


Feeling Crabby?

Hi Everyone,
My kiddies and I are in Ocean Heaven! HeHe
We are having a blast with all our new sea creature friends! 

Here is the completed product of our Shark stories! Love it! 

Our latest creation was based on a shared reading activity I created. 
First, we read a story on the SmartBoard. It's all about Christopher the Crab and the Ocean Olympics! I threw in some new vocabulary words and we talked a little bit about the different sports and sea creatures in the story. My kiddies absolutely love it when I create a story. They seem to think it's really cool! This time, I included some of the things we've been working on. We reviewed pronouns, contractions, and quotation marks in this story.

Then, we read the shared reading version of the story. 

Finally, the students illustrated it!

The last step to our two day lesson was this masterpiece!

Tell me these are not the cutest!

Guess what sweet friends! You can grab yourself a FREE copy of the template for the crab HERE
The FREE SmartBoard story HERE
And... The FREE Shared Reading HERE

Don't forget to stop by my good friend Valerie's blog All Student Can Shine for her fabulous 5 day giveaway! It's well worth the visit!

Enjoy and...
Until next time...

Ms. Nicole xo


5 Days of Giveaways!

Hello Friends,
This post is going to make you all veeeeerrryyy happy!
My good friend Valerie, over at All Students Can Shine will be having a baby! Yippeee! Better yet, he will be here verrryyy soon! In honor of his upcoming arrival, his mommy is having a H-U-G-E GIVEAWAY! Yipppeeeeee times 100!!!! She so graciously asked me if I'd take part in this wonderful giveaway and I obviously said YES! 

So here is what you HAVE TO DO!

You must follow my/this blog and my TpT Store
You must also follow Valerie over at All Students Can Shine as well as her TpT Store
You can also get an extra chance to win if you blog about this fabulous giveaway 
using this adorable little picture!!! Feel free to throw in a shout out about this blog too! HeHe!

So here's what you can WIN...

Each day, for 5 days, Valerie will be featuring a product from a different blogger. There are 5 of us in all and we have each agreed to donate a product. Each day, you get the chance to win a 20$ "gift card" for Valerie's TpT Store and the product in question. Not too shabby right?!

Today, I am being featured and have donated this product (one of my best sellers)

This unit is a fun and exciting way to learn all about contractions. Students will take part in many great activities and practice using contractions in various ways. Through the colorful and vibrant images, students will be motivated to complete tasks. With a cupcake theme as a basis, this unit provides students with an amusing approach to mastering this skill.

Included in the package are:

- 8 contraction rule signs (colorful and informative)

- a complete list of 64 words and associated contractions (can be given to the students as a reference)

- 4 contractions centers including: memory game, build a sentence game, match the word with contraction game, and build a contraction game (all centers/games include recording sheets for students to use)

- 3 contraction worksheets (great for homework review)

The students will love using the cupcake patterns to play games and build contractions. A great resource that can be implemented any time of year. 

Be sure to stop by Valerie's Blog today and enter for a chance to win! What's there to lose! 

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


These Sharks are Hungry for Some Stories!

Hey Blogger Friends!
I am so excited to share with you our latest writers workshop activity!
You are going to want to take a "bite" out of this one!

This is as close as I ever plan to get to a shark! The kiddies loved this craftivity!

First we read...

An ocean version of "The Three Little Pigs"

Then we wrote our very own stories...

Grab yourself a copy of all the templates needed right below!

Shark Stationary

P.S. Don't forget to check out my Earth Day Literacy Center Package over at my TpT store!

Take a look HERE!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


Hurray for Earth Day!

Hi Friends!
As I was looking over my calendar for next week, I realized that I could not possibly begin my ocean unit just yet as Earth Day is approaching! Although we celebrate our planet (and take care of it) each day, we do like to pay special attention to our home on this day! I have been hard at work creating yet another literacy center unit that I think my kiddies will love for Earth Day! 

Take a look!

It's a great little package... Here's a little more info about it!

Hurray for Earth Day! Get your kiddies excited about taking care of our planet with this 90 page package filled with literacy center activities. Filled with colorful graphics and engaging games, this package will be a real crowd pleaser! The object of this unit is to familiarize your students with new vocabulary words and ensure that they be able to recognize and write most of the words by the completion of the 4 centers. This package includes:

- 4 center menus
- 1 word wall
- 1 word matching center (memory game) which includes all word wall words and a recording sheet
- 1 word sorting game (short and long vowels) which includes most word wall words and a recording sheet
- 1 word search center, which includes all word wall words
- 1 bingo center, which includes all word wall words
- 7 writing stationary sheets

Take a look for yourself over at my TpT store and let me know what you think! Not to worry! I will blog plenty about the whole ocean bit and will have some freebies available for you soon!
Can't wait for my kiddies to learn all about Earth Day vocabulary!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


Word Wall & Word Folders Freebie!

Hey Everybody!
I hope the Easter Bunny was veeeerrrryyy generous!
I promised to share my new theme for the next coming weeks, and so here it is.... The OCEAN!
Yipppeee! I can't wait to "dive" in and get started! Of course, we will officially start it up next Monday, however I have already started to prepare. 

As you know, I am a firm believer in using word walls in my classroom and so I start off every unit by creating a word wall and word folders. 

As you may also know, I love to share my word walls and word folders with all of you!

Of course,  the above picture displays the finished product! 
Hehe! You will have to put in soooooome work!

I like to use my color printer for this. Brightens up the classroom and entices the kiddies to use it more frequently. I also like to glue the word wall words to card stock. This creates a bigger card and again is more visually appealing. 

As for the folders, I simply glue the title and picture to the front and the word table on the inside.

The kiddies love to take these folders to their seat! It's not only an effective editing tool but a great fun resource for the kiddies to grab hold of!

Grab yourself a copy of the word wall HERE
And a copy of the word folders HERE

I am soooo excited about this new theme! My mind is just swirling with ideas that I can't wait to share with all of you!! 

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


"Eggscelent" Art!

Hi Friends,
My cousins have arrived, safe & sound, and I have taken just a little minute to blog with all of you! My S.T. Amanda has come up  
with yet another cute Easter activity! 
This one will require you to read the book “The Odd Egg” by Emily Gravett. You can always do this activity without the book as well. The book is about an odd looking egg that does not hatch with all the others. The ducks seem to think there is something wrong with it and do not believe that a duck will hatch. At the end of the book, we learn that an alligator hatches from the egg. The kiddies can draw and write their predictions has to what is in the egg and then create this wonderful masterpiece! Amanda chose to predict that their was a peacock in the egg!
Don’t forget to hide the ending from the kiddies until AFTER they have made their predictions! So much fun! 

This is a great science activity too! You can discuss all the different animals that hatch from eggs. This way, the students will have a good idea of what the possible animal is! We asked the students to predict an animal that does hatch from an egg, as opposed to choosing anything! Some kiddies really wanted to make dogs and cats and other animals, however we insisted upon it being something that does come out of an egg.
You can grab yourself an EGG template right over HERE!
Simply copy it to card stock so that the kiddies can trace it on their preferred construction paper color.
You can always make your own as well, or you can let the kiddies make their own!

You can get the prediction sheet right over HERE!
P.S. I was finally able to scan the bunny template properly! Yippee! So I have uploaded a better version of it! If you wanted to have the kiddies complete the Bunny activity from my post below, you can grab a better copy of the template right over HERE!
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy these little treats with your kiddies!

P.P.S. Here are some of the kiddies bunnies! Too stinking cute!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole

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