Olympic QR Code Fun!

Hi Everyone! 
Today, is a good day. Why, you ask? Well, first off, we started my Winter Olympics Sports Pack (Information Cards, Worksheets, & Activities) and it was so much fun! We ALSO had a great time with a great little QR code freebie I made for all of you (and, well, ME)! 
I decided to add it as one of my centers and the kiddies LOOOOOVED it! 

Oh let's see, what else... I was really, really, really behind on my correcting and tabulating, and finally caught up! Although, I am no where near done the "thou that shall not be named" (a.k.a. report cards), at least I'm a little more ahead than yesterday! (looking at the very BIG glass as half full here).

Last good day info, I am just loving all the Olympic coverage. Woke up at 2 am and couldn't sleep, ended up watching skiing, skiing, and more skiing events! 
So, yep, today can be summed up as a GOOD day!

Ok so here's the deal with my Winter Olympic Sports QR Code Video FREEBIE
A) It's fun!
B) It's fun!
C) My kiddies loved it (yours will too) and it's fun!

It includes 6 QR code cards, which lead students to YouTube videos of a variety of past Olympic sporting events. The students have a recording sheet, where they write some key information about the video and draw a picture. I also included answer keys for the teachers. 

I chose to use it as a center in my class, however my colleagues used it as a separate class activity and it also went well. You can even use the Smartboard (provided you have the appropriate wires to connect an ipad to the Smartboard) to complete it as a class. 

Here are the kiddies, hard at work!

Aaaaannnnnnnd, here are some samples of their work...

This little sweetheart made the most adorable mistake. The athlete's country of origin is Korea. Take a look at what she marked down! Too stinken cute!

Don't forget to check out my 

You can grab it right over HERE!
And, you can grab my FREEBIE right over HERE!

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Winter Olympics (Part - 1)

Happy Monday Everyone,
I sure don't like Mondays all that much, but once the week begins, I get excited about all the fun things we will get to do! I am pumped about my Winter Olympics Sports Pack, and the kiddies are loving the activities so far. I'm looking forward to diving in deeper this week!

Here is my Winter Olympics Sports Pack. It is filled with information cards, worksheets, and fun activities. It even includes introductory activities and review activities. 

Here is how I have used it so far! So much fun!

I began by giving my students these fun cut and paste activity sheets as morning work. I wanted to see how much they knew about the Olympics and the different Winter Sports. They did quite well, but made a few mistakes! I purposefully placed luge and bobsleigh on the same page! 
Hehehe, sneaky teacher!

Then, the kiddies completed a Read/Write the Room Activity! It was really cute, because I could hear some of my students sighing and muttering to themselves when they found a card. They were a little disappointed when they realized they had made mistakes on the cut and paste activity sheets!

When we were done finding all the cards, the students called them out and I had them come up and write the words. They now serve as a mini word wall! I'm thinking, I may just HAVE to draw some anchor charts for them! Fun, Fun, Fun!

To introduce the information cards, I chose to complete the activities that were designated to the Olympics, as a class. We went to the Smartboard room and I projected the cards for them. We read them aloud and answered the questions together. I wanted them to get a sense of how it was all going to work in their centers and what I was looking for in their answers.

We circled and underlined important information and then 
they recorded their answers on their own sheets.


They did a great job and had loads of fun!

Now comes the B-E-S-T part! Centers! 

The students will complete research pages, look up new vocabulary, answer questions about various sports, write about being a gold medalist, interview athletes then and now, and much, much more!

One of the first stations will require students to revisit the Olympic Information Cards we read as a class. I have chosen specific subjects that the students will study and research. These themes and words are highlighted in blue.

The students will loooooooove using the ipads to research all about the Olympics. 
They will record their findings on the following sheet.

Students will also learn about different Winter Sports. I have included reading comprehension questions for each sport, as well as a fun facts sheet. I interspersed each information card with reading comprehension, fun facts sheets, and vocabulary sheets. This way the stations are diverse and do not become redundant. You may wish to organize these stations in various ways. I just thought this would keep things a little more interesting! The students will be expected to answer reading comprehension questions, fill out a fun facts sheet, or look up new words (which are highlighted in yellow) in the dictionary. I like variety!

The kiddies will also have fun writing about Winning Gold, interviewing athletes from the past and in the present, as well as completing a Winter Olympics Word Search. 

I can't wait to get these started! The pack also comes with a Crossword Puzzle, Word Scramblers and "Who am I?" activities. I plan on using these at the very end of the unit, when the students have learned all kinds of interesting facts about the Olympics!

I'll probably also throw in some Winter Sports Crafts! we did these last year and they turned out great!

You can check out this pack right over HERE!

I also have a Skiing/Snowboarding craft!

You can grab this pack right over HERE!
Or check out both in my Winter Activities Mega Bundle Pack!

Enjoy your week and until next time...


February Currently

Just popping in to share a little February Currently!
I love linking up with Farley, over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade!

Here it is!

I like to work with a little noise in the background! Quiet doesn't always work for me!
Chocolate also helps when I work! Tehehehe... I just make sure to fit it into my daily calorie intake or add an extra workout to burn it off! 

I am hoping to be lying on a beach come Spring Break! I really need to get away from all this cold weather and snow! Ughhhh!!!!

Report cards are looming again. Oiii, no matter how organized and prepared I am, it still takes forever and is sooooo not my favorite thing to do.

It is definitely true that I love my pup! He is adorable, active, smart, and cuddly!!!! As mentioned, the cold and I DO NOT get along, and I only really can accept snow (light snow) on Christmas! 

Here's a picture of my little fur baby! Love him!!!!

Oh boyyyyyy, he's cuutttteeee! 

Until next time...

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