Comprehension Drawing

Good Morning Everyone!
I am just in the greatest of moods! 
Writing this lovely post, in my lovely backyard, on this lovely first day of vacation!!!!!
Nothing like some blogging and sun to make this official vacationing teacher HAPPY, HAPPY!

As this AMAZING school years comes to a close, I am already thinking about next year and all of the amazing things I plan to do. 

Here's a little info on a pack I just finished up and will be using next year!

I'm always looking for fun ways to check for understanding and also fun, productive activities for my early finishers. My kiddies loved my Comprehension Coloring Pack, so I decided to make a Comprehension Drawing Pack!

It's pretty simple to use! Just print and voila!
No prep required!

I like to make it into a booklet.
It can be used as a centre, morning work, homework, early finisher work, or simply during one of your Language Arts periods!

Be sure to check out my FUN Comprehension Packs!


Until next time...



Hey Everyone,
We finally finished our dinosaur unit and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

We got to read, write, and learn all about 5 dinosaurs!

The kiddies LOVED it! I think it was their favourite theme of the year!

One of their favourite parts was reading about each dinosaur and then filling out a facts sheet.

Here is some of their learning UP CLOSE!

We also had fun with centers! 
I took an activity from each Dinosaur Pack and we completed it during centre rotations. 

Bingo was a hit!

The kiddies loved  being word detectives!

They completed some reading comprehensions and wrote some stories too!

 I love how they worked together to complete the word search!

The Draw a Triceratops poem was sooooooo much fun!!!

We also had a blast making crafts for each dinosaur!

Click on the pictures below to check out my Dinosaur Packs!

Each unit comes with a read aloud, facts cards, craft templates, reading comprehension, writing stationary, reading response, and a fun game/activity!



You can also grab all FIVE in my Dinosaur BUNDLE!

Have yourselves a great Sunday!
Until next time...

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