Father's Day Fun

Hello Sweet Friends,
Today, in second grade it was all about dads! The kiddies loved writing about their amazing fathers and making a fun little present to gift on Father's Day.

First, we read a story about Mr. Jones and his kids. Then we talked about all of the things we love about our dads!

Then it came time to create some Father's Day Fun! The kiddies loved making their D-A-D cards!
We replaced the letter A with their dad's favorite sport!

I let the kiddies choose what they wanted to glue on the back of the card.
Some chose to write an acrostic poem, while others opted for a snapshot of themselves and their dad. Some even wrote about what they love to do with their dads and how they are alike.

Too STINKEN cute!

The end result is fabulous! The kiddies are excited and their dads will be happy too!

This was such a fun and easy project! 
We had a blast!

Click on the pictures to check out these packs!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there!

Until next time...

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