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Hey Everyone,
                        I tell you I am on a circus frenzy! I am into all things clown, lion, elephant, popcorn etc... HeHe!!! I truly am enjoying this theme and better yet, so are the kiddies... One of our latest activities is   a draw a rhyme poem. While googling, blogging, stalking (wtv you would like to call all this), I found these wonderful little poems that are great for listening and comprehension skills (they are also great fun!) Basically, they are funny and ridiculous poems about various characters (monsters, clowns, and aliens) that you read aloud to your students and have them draw what they hear. I also had my kiddies complete the rhyme (as they were quite simple). For instance, the first rhyme is "When making a clown it is said, always start with his big round HEAD." The kiddies enjoyed "calling/yelling" out the answers. They most especially loved drawing the character.

The great thing about this activity is that although they are all drawing the same clown, somehow through their imagination and creativity, they all turned out different and magnificent no less! It was great to see them all excited about their art and upon reading each rhyme, they all would raise their papers to show me.. It was a darling little activity and we had great laughs! 

Here is the link to the 3 poems: Draw a Rhyme

Click here to download my free poem printable (which I used as the sign for our bulletin board) It has been slightly adapted from the original version: Draw a Clown Rhyme Poem

Here our my kiddies creations! I love, love, love them!


Aren't they the cutest! 

We had an absolute ball completing this activity! I hope you do too!
Stay tuned for a lion taming extravaganza! 

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  1. Now I don't even like clowns, but these are super cute!


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