Five for Friday

Hey Everyone,
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday Fun!

1. Canadian Thanksgiving

That's right folks! Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October. 

I want to tell you a little story. 

One day, I had a terrible day. 

The morning after that terrible day, my colleague (who was unaware of my terrible day AND who teaches my former students) came up to me and showed me something special.

She had made a Thankful Jar with her students that day and one of my student's from last year had written about me. The word INSPIRED was mentioned. It nearly made me cry. All the stress and frustration from the previous day melted away and all I could think about was how I needed to thank this sweet child.

I went up to him and told him I had had a TERRIBLE day and that his teacher had shown me something that had made me so happy. Although, he pretended not to know what she had shown me, his smile gave him away. He made my day and by acknowledging that, I in turn made his. 

It really is all about the little things...

2. Speaking of Thanksgiving...

I know most of you celebrate this lovely holiday in November, so here are a few fun packs you might want to take a look at!



Click on the pictures to check out these packs.

3. Fall

I cannot say it enough! I love Fall! I love the colors, I love the crispness, I love the weather, the holidays, the fashion...

 4. Halloween

I cannot wait for Halloween! This year I'm dressing up as a minion and I'm pretty sure it'll be a hit with the kiddies. They are obsessed with minions! Today, my kiddies are going to get to decorate their very own pumpkins because a generous family donated a pumpkin for each of my students!

So much fun!

5. Candy girl

No caption necessary...

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Draw a Witch

Hello Everyone,
Halloween is fast approaching and we are having SOOOO MUCH FUN!

Everyday, I try to present Halloween in a different way and shake things up a little.

Today, in Second Grade we drew witches!!!


Halloween Profiles

Hi Friends,
Are you as excited about Halloween as I am?!?!?! Although, it will prove to be a challenging week, as the kiddies are going to be very excited, I am super pumped for my favorite holiday.

I want to share some of the fun crafts we've been making all week. 


Stinky Poems Throwback!

Hello Everyone,
Here is a little throwback to last year's Stinky Poems fun! 


Crazy for Fall!

Good Morning Friends, 
I'm back today to tell you a little bit about my Crazy for Fall pack and our Fall week at school.

We had so much fun!

First, we read the real aloud. It's all about some Autumn friends who are enjoying the extended Summer weather. Of, course, Fall does finally make an appearance and they don't quite appreciate it at first! After the read aloud, we wrote a class story and the kiddies wrote individual stories too. Finally we made some fun crafts and chose a variety of funny, crazy faces to put on our friends.


This same week, we also wrote some stories about scarecrows. The kiddies had fun making my bestie's scarecrow craft. Love this Fall Craftivity by All Students can Shine


Of course with all of these Fall crafts ad stories we had to do some reading comprehension!

My Draw a Poem pack has the perfect Scarecrow activity!


The kiddies had so much fun following the directions and making their own scarecrow. 

They also enjoyed colouring a scarecrow from my Coloring Comprehension pack.


Finally, we had to jump in the leaves! It's a must!

I love the way these stories and crafts turned out! Such a fun and festive bulletin board display!

Fall is my absolute favorite season and I am so glad we had so much fun celebrating in class!

Click on the pictures to check out the packs 
that include all of these fun activities!

Until next time...


Five for Friday

Hey Everyone,
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday Fun!

1. October fun in the Classroom

I just have to share some of my October must-haves! We are going to have FUN this month!

2. Wedding

I'm really lucky to have great friends. One of the great things about living in Quebec, is that we are such a multicultural province. Therefore, many of my friends come various backgrounds. One of my very good friends got married on the weekend and as she is South Asian, I couldn't resist wearing a BEAUTIFUL sari to her wedding.

Can I just say, I love everything about the Indian culture. The food, the clothing, the people! 

3. Giddy-Up

Last week we completed our Cowboy theme! We decided to have us a party and dressed up for Cowboy Day!

I love, love, love everything about these packs! We had SO MUCH FUN!


Click on the pictures to check out these packs! And don't forget to read all about how I used these packs in my Cowboys in the Classroom and Cowboy Profiles posts. 

 4. Fall

If you have ever read my blog during the Fall season, you probably already know how much I love FALL!!!!!! The weather, the fashion, the holidays, the foooooooooooodddd!!!! I love it all!

I also love to decorate my classroom and bring a crisp Fall inside!

5. Boston

I'm so excited to visiting beautiful Boston soon! I have never been! Me, who loves to travel has never visited this awesome city. We have quite a few fun things planned and I can't wait to share all about it. On thing I will tell you is that we got tickets to the Bruins/Habs game at the TD Garden. 

So excited! Anyone who follows hockey knows these two teams have quite rivalry. 
Of course despite visiting the beautiful city I will be rooting for my Montreal boys!

Can't wait!!!

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Until next time...
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