Halloween Profiles

Hi Friends,
Are you as excited about Halloween as I am?!?!?! Although, it will prove to be a challenging week, as the kiddies are going to be very excited, I am super pumped for my favorite holiday.

I want to share some of the fun crafts we've been making all week. 

I have been making profile packs for various holidays and the kiddies love it! 
They love reading about different characters and making up profiles of their own. 

We read profiles on a witch, a cat, a spider, and Frankenstein and then went over some vocabulary. The kiddies wrote stories and made profiles for a character of their choice.

Here are some of their crafts!







Of course, when it came time to write our Halloween stories, we used my Halloween Word Wall from my Word Walls for the Year pack. This pack has saved me soooooooo much time! I printed and laminated all the word walls and have them ready to go at the beginning of each unit!

Check out my Halloween Profiles HERE!

Until next time...

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