Earth Day

Hello Friends,
I'm back with a quick little post about Earth Day activities. I love spending time outdoors and especially love this time of year. I think it's so important to discuss with our students the importance of taking good care of our beautiful planet. 

A few years back, we completed this craftivity and even had some fun with Earth Day literacy centers

It's so important to learn about ways to protect Earth and make it a better place to live. 
The students wrote about how the Earth is in our Hands and how they could take care of the planet.

We used the word wall from my centers pack and even made an anchor chart. 
This helped us spell some difficult words. 

I love anchor charts and I love word walls! 
If you're planning on celebrating Earth Day with your kiddies, check out my packs!

Have a HAPPY Sunday!
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Five for Friday

Hey Everyone,
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday Fun!

1. Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We are doing our best to WILL Spring to make an appearance in Montreal. 
Mother Nature does not seem to be getting the hint though...

Despite the WINTER weather (YES! WINTER) we read and wrote some Spring stories!


Click on the PICTURES to check out these packs!

2. Where is Spring?

SERIOUSLY... It actually SNOWED this week. I still have to wear my Winter boots for recess supervision and a hat is still weather appropriate!!! 

At least I get to wear my cool Transformers hat a little while longer. I'll pretend this is a positive!!

3. Door

The kiddies laughed at our door because we haven't actually HAD any rain. Just snow... More snow, More cold, and OH YA! MORE SNOW! Ughhhhhhh

4. Whole30 Report

That is all...
Actually, NO that is NOT all!!!
I lost 15 lbs, several inches and gained a ton of energy! 
This program changed my life and I plan to do it again!

5. Go Habs Go

I went to a hockey game not too long ago. Hockey is Canada and the Montreal Canadians are pretty much worshiped around here! 

Now that they've officially secured a spot in the playoffs, the city is buzzing!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

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Math Centers

Hi Friends,
I'm back with another post about MATH!

In my first few years of teaching, I really disliked teaching math. It was never my favorite subject in school and I didn't care much to teach it either. 

Now, I absolutely LOOOOVE it!

Here is a little bit of a sneak peek at how I present each unit. 
I introduce the concept on the Smartboard and we complete the activity pages in the workbook.
Then, we play some games on the Smartboard that help us practice the concepts.

Each time I teach them something new, I review what we learned the day before. 
Once we have covered all the concepts for one unit, we complete our math centers. 

This is what I use for assessment. I look at their workbooks but only assess their center work. By the time the students get to centers, we have reviewed and practiced the material extensively and thus most are proficient with the concepts. 

During the week of math centers, I send home reinforcement sheets for homework and study prep for their test. Then I administer a test and we complete a Situational Problem (based on the concepts we have just covered). We also use application problems during the two weeks of practice. I choose problems that ask students to use concepts we are currently covering to solve the problem.

All in all, the students are immersed in the concepts that we are covering!
I even throw in a few activities for morning work!

Here are my latest centers. We were learning about representing greater numbers, telling time, and data management.

These centers are part of my GROWING BUNDLE! 
This bundle already has 60 math centers and will continue to grow!
If you buy it now, you get it at a discount price! As each time I add centers, the price goes up!


These centers have made my life easier AND the kiddies love them and really GET IT! 

Until next time...


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Hello Everyone,
We spent all of last week trying to ENCOURAGE Mother Nature to comply with the calendar. 
See, on paper it says that it's Spring, but the weather isn't cooperating much...

This makes me cringe. 
I live in a place that has pretty brutal Winters and well I'd like to see some grass and some buds already! 

We decided it was time to take things into our own hands and made Spring appear in our classroom 
(at least).

A little rain sure is a lot better than SNOW!

We read about Tommy and his love for playing outside and then we wrote our own rainy day stories!

I love the way they turned out! The kiddies have come SUCH a long way and Writer's Workshop is our favorite block! 

After we wrote our stories, we made some rainy day crafts! They are adorbs! I can't!!!

I CANNOT wait to put these up! Maybe Mother Nature will finally get the point! 

Click on the pictures below to check out these two packs!


Until next time...

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