Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Hello Everyone,
We spent all of last week trying to ENCOURAGE Mother Nature to comply with the calendar. 
See, on paper it says that it's Spring, but the weather isn't cooperating much...

This makes me cringe. 
I live in a place that has pretty brutal Winters and well I'd like to see some grass and some buds already! 

We decided it was time to take things into our own hands and made Spring appear in our classroom 
(at least).

A little rain sure is a lot better than SNOW!

We read about Tommy and his love for playing outside and then we wrote our own rainy day stories!

I love the way they turned out! The kiddies have come SUCH a long way and Writer's Workshop is our favorite block! 

After we wrote our stories, we made some rainy day crafts! They are adorbs! I can't!!!

I CANNOT wait to put these up! Maybe Mother Nature will finally get the point! 

Click on the pictures below to check out these two packs!


Until next time...

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