Leap Year Sale and Freebie!

Hello All!
It's official! I'm having a sale!
TpT has launched a Leap up to 28% off sale on February 29th!

My products will be at 20% off AND you can add the promo below for an extra percentage off!

While you're over at my TEACHER STORE, you can also check out my St. Patrick's Day Freebie Package! 
More about it in the post below!

Grab yourself a free copy right over HERE!

Have a wonderful week! It's my last one before SPRING BREAK! Yippeeeeeee!!!!
Until next time...

Ms. Nicole xo

Smile, It's Your Lucky Day! I've got a St. Patrick's Day Freebie Package for all of you!

Well my dear friends,
I have done it again! I got such great feedback for my "Bee" my Valentine Package, that I simply couldn't resist creating another freebie package for St. Patrick's Day.
 Who knows... Maybe you'll get one for Easter too!

I'm loving the spring weather, despite the fact they have announced 15 cm of snow for tomorrow! Oh, the joys of living in Canada! Please cross your finger for us, make the snow go away! We have been experiencing such great weather and everything has almost melted! No need for another snow fall! 

Maybe I'll find a shamrock and wish the snow away!!!
In the meantime, I will simply have to dream of a better time (weather wise!), when I will be able to share this wonderful package with my kiddies!

Here's a little preview!

Spread the luck and happiness with this charming little freebie! Your students will enjoy completing the activities included in this packet.
- St. Patrick’s Day Word Wall
- 3 activity sheets requiring the use of the word wall 
- ABC order sheet (word wall words)
- Create a sentence sheet (word wall words)
- 1 St Patrick's Day themed coloring page
- Create a shamrock pattern coloring page
- St. Patrick's Day wishes
- Let’s find words that rhyme with GOLD!
- St. Patrick's Day Word Search (word wall words)
- I met a leprechaun Writer's Workshop stationary
Use it all as a package or pick and choose your favorite activities. 
Do as you wish, it's St. Patrick’s Day!

Get your freebie right over HERE!

Please let me know what you think!
And for my faithful followers who may be wondering, I have not forgotten, I owe you a salad (writing/art) freebie! 
Stay tuned it's going to be cute!

Until next time...
Have a lucky one, Ms. Nicole xo


Our Mini-Chefs Hall of Fame

So I promised some pics and here they are!!! If you wish to try this activity out with your kiddies, check out the post right below for all the templates! Have fun!!

The Master Chefs of Second Grade!

Yes! It is true! 
My little bakers have become chefs!
We have turned this Candy Land theme right around and are now learning about healthy eating 
(this ties in well with our physical education teacher's health unit)!

I found a book entitled "What it's like to be a Chef" in my school library and read it to the kiddies (my New Year's Resolution was to try to spend less money on my classroom, as I can overdue it at times. Hence, the many visits to the library, as opposed to the amazon website!). 

We wrote a class story about a recipe that involved some secret ingredients. The little sweethearts said love and kindness would be the most important ingredients! I love these kiddos! 

All I have to say is, you better make a trip to your local arts and craft store and get yourself some colored paper bags, because you are going to want to try this lesson with your students! 

Here are the freebie templates and stationary for this activity.

Click on the pictures to get the free templates!
Click HERE to get the free stationary!

And now... For my master chefs masterpieces!

Priceless right?!?! They make me smile! Too cute!

I will be displaying these amazing pieces of art on the bulletin board in the front entrance of our school! I can't wait to share the picture of THAT!!!!

Got a great salad writing/art activity coming up soon! Might want to stock up on some green tissue papers and paper plates for this one!  Can't wait to share! 
Until next time... 
Ms. Nicole xo

P.S. I'm noticing some new followers! Keep em' coming!!! xo


This Little Bakery is Making Donuts!

If you're a sweets kinda person, you're in for a treat!

I'm starting to think  I should have called this theme "At the Bakery" as opposed to "CandyLand!" I have to say, I have some talented bakers and have been loving every minute of fun this "unit" has offered!

We have now become donut chefs and this because we fell in love with the book: The Donut Chef. 
It is adorable and really quite funny! 

True to form, I supplied my kiddies with various shapes and forms of donut templates. 
I made several copies, on card stock, and the kiddies traced their preferred shape on their choice of colored construction paper.

You can grab yourself a free copy of these templates and the stationary right over HERE!

Here's what my master bakers came up with!

I love, love, love them! These kiddies are amazing!

I'm also really excited to be welcoming a student teacher as of Monday and I'm really happy about the kiddies using contractions! After some time working on those tricky little things, my students have improved their reading (as they recognize the contractions much quicker now!) AND many of them are also applying what they have learned in their writing (correctly!).

I was made aware that one of my invisible elf cards (a little freebie I had going on in December) had a contraction typo (you're/your .... yikes!) Total oversight on my part 
(sorry, it can happen to the best of us!)  So, I fished up that card and turned it into a teachable moment! Got the kiddies to figure out what the mistake was! Again, I apologize, I do spend a lot of time on this computer of mine and tend to make mistakes after a few hours! I promise to be more careful! :) 

This week my little bakers will turn into chefs. I'm also thinking of spinning this highly caloric and sugary unit into a little healthy eating (you are what you eat kind of thing) unit. I'll have some of these freebies for you in the very near future! Two more weeks until Spring Break!! Now if I can get through these report cards, I will be a much happier teacher!!! 
Time to stop procrastinating and get back to my assessments! 

Until next time.. Ms. Nicole xo


Happy 100th Day FREEBIE!

Hello Sweet Valentines,
Happy Valentine's Day and Happy 100th Day for those of you who celebrated today, as I did!

We had a great time dressing up as 100 year olds AND displaying our 100 Day projects (a project that consisted of creating ANYTHING with 100 of the same object)

The scales are made out of 100 soda can tabs!
100 googly eyes!
100 candies to make an apple!
100 MUPPETS!!!!! (complete with a # and the name of the Muppet!)

These kiddies and their parents sure have a wonderful imagination! This is only a small portion of a wonderful array of projects! The parents came in to walk around our classroom exhibitions and had a great laugh
with the 100 year old costumes! What a wonderful start to the 100th day of school!

After our museum exhibit, the kiddies used their creative juices to produce some adorable 100 year old portraits. they even wrote about what it would be like to be 100 years old.

Tell me these are not precious!
I'm loving how my little guy on the left dyes his mustache! Too cute!

Download this little freebie right over HERE and put it away for safe keeping! the 100th day of school 
will come around again next year! 

Don't forget to check out my other latest FREEBIE on pluralization! 
You can pick that up FOR FREE at my TpT Store!

I shall reiterate (hehe) I LOVE comments and followers too! <3

We'll be back into Candyland mode, as of tomorrow, and I'm promising a 
great donut writing/art activity freebie soon!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


I'm Back! Let's Celebrate with a FREEBIE!

Well Blogging Buddies, I have been M.I.A for a few days and that's because I had the extreme pleasure and opportunity to attend a fantastic, resourceful, humorous and inspiring conference!

My colleagues and I, boarded a Toronto bound Voyager Bus and made our way to the 

It was AMAZING!!!
It is well worth the annual visit!

We had the privilege to sit in on presentations given by such renowned and respectable educators as:

The Sisters (The Daily 5: What's New, Tried and True)
Carolyn Filice (Early Intensive Reading Intervention)
Peter Heydon (How the English Language Learner Brain Works)
Lori Jamison (Guided Reading: Making the Most of the 18 Minute Lesson
Tony Stead (Developing Empowered Readers & Writers through Rich Oral Language Experiences)
Miriam Trehearne (Learning to Write and Loving it!)

Needless to say, we received a wealth of information and my brain has been on overload for the past 2 days!! Thank goodness for note taking, as at this very moment I can't remember a thing!!! So much information in such a short period of time!

I had a wonderful time and am soooooo excited to begin using some of the strategies I learned! This is a wonderful conference that is well worth attending again next year!

Thanks to Mrs. Leslie (a.k.a. Mrs. Bestie <3) over at First Grade Frenzy for insisting I attend this amazing conference! She's the one who told me ALL about it! Love you Bestie!!!

Now that I am back and ready to blog, I have a special 
Valentine's Day present for all of you! 
Another FREEBIE package!!!! This time its all about pluralization!

I am in the process of creating several superhero themed grammar packages for the month of March, as I will be focusing on grammar in my little kiddies reading and writing, and will be incorporating the superhero theme to keep them engages and motivated!

This little Freebie goes a little something like this...

Pow! Wham! Bam! This Super Duper Superhero themed literacy/grammar package will certainly get your kiddies excited about Plurals! Filled with colorful graphics and engaging center activities, your students will learn all about the different rules of pluralization. This FREE 38 page package includes:

- 5 pluralization rules signs
- 2 pluralization centers (snap the word and matching game)
- recording sheets for each center
- 2 printable review sheets

Grab yourself a free copy HERE!
Get your copy soon as it won't be a freebie for long!!!

Oh, and if you like what you see you might want to take a look at my other 
Superhero Grammar Package: Super Duper Noun Package

Please let me know what you think of my freebie and let me know if you were at the conference! 
I love comments and followers too, 
so don't be shy!!!

Stop by my Facebook page too! While you're there, you can click"LIKE" ;)

Stay tuned for a 100th day freebie (I know you've probably already celebrated but ours is on Tuesday) and a donut art and writing activity freebie 
(still on the Candyland theme for a few more weeks!)

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


Well sweet friends,
My last year in my 20's has officially begun and I plan to LIVE IT UP! Starting with a wonderful sale for all of you!! Stop by my Teacher Store for some great sales and freebies too! You must hurry, sale ends on my second day as a 29 year old!

I must let you all go, this birthday girl is ready for some cake!
Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo

New Look!

Well... If you have ever wondered what a teacher, who is obsessed with blogging, might do if she is stuck sick in bed for 3 whole days, look no further! This little teacher decided to revamp her blog!

No, no, it's not a new blog alert! It has just been under a redecorating assignment! 

Yes, I have been THIS bored! My laptop and DvD player have been my sole source of entertainment these past few days! I HATE being SICK!!!

Well, let me know what you think of the makeover! It's more me! All the purple and polka dots! Hehe!

Will be blogging another cute Candy Land Freebie soon...
See you then!

Ms. Nicole  xo


A Visit from the Desk Fairy!

Hello sweet friends,
I have to say I am very excited about all the comments and downloads of my Valentine Freebie! Valentine's Day is all about friendship, love, and smiles. I am so glad to have been able to share this package with all of you! Thank you for  all your sweet comments over here and via TpT! <3

Now, back to new business! As you all know, I love my kiddies to bits and have such a great time with them each day! However, there is something that can drive an organizational freak like me a little crazy and that little something is.... A MESSY DESK! 

Despite all my attempts to keep these kiddos organized (l.a. baggies, math baggies, french baggies), some of them, let's face it, have desks that look a little something out of a horror film (well at least for a neat freak like me!). 

My wonderful cycle partner Ms. Kelly, who shares my "organizational beliefs," told me all about a little fairy who used to visit her classroom. I thought it was the cutest idea, and since my students loved the invisible elf visits, I thought this might be a great tool to use to encourage a little organization on behalf of my kiddos. Here's what I came up with...

Will be including a little treat like stickers, pencils, bookmarks... Maybe even a little candy!

Get my freebie HERE!

I would say that the Desk Fairy needs to make several appearances, at first, to really motivate the kiddies to keep everything tidy. Then, I would maybe have the desk fairy leave a note for the class stating that she will return once a week (at different times and on different days) to really keep them on their toes! 

You can get your free letter HERE!
It's so pretty, that you can display it in your classroom as a constant reminder that the Desk Fairy may drop by at any time!

I've also had students organize their desks and take a photograph of it in order and then stick it to the inside of the desk top. This way, the student has a constant visual of what his/her desk should look like!

Turns out I'm not the only one blogging about this! Check out Michelle's freebie over at Teach123
and Lizzie at A First Grade Fairy Tale 

Hope the desk fairy stops by your classrooms! She sure will be passing by mine!
Until next time...
Ms. Nicole
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