A Visit from the Desk Fairy!

Hello sweet friends,
I have to say I am very excited about all the comments and downloads of my Valentine Freebie! Valentine's Day is all about friendship, love, and smiles. I am so glad to have been able to share this package with all of you! Thank you for  all your sweet comments over here and via TpT! <3

Now, back to new business! As you all know, I love my kiddies to bits and have such a great time with them each day! However, there is something that can drive an organizational freak like me a little crazy and that little something is.... A MESSY DESK! 

Despite all my attempts to keep these kiddos organized (l.a. baggies, math baggies, french baggies), some of them, let's face it, have desks that look a little something out of a horror film (well at least for a neat freak like me!). 

My wonderful cycle partner Ms. Kelly, who shares my "organizational beliefs," told me all about a little fairy who used to visit her classroom. I thought it was the cutest idea, and since my students loved the invisible elf visits, I thought this might be a great tool to use to encourage a little organization on behalf of my kiddos. Here's what I came up with...

Will be including a little treat like stickers, pencils, bookmarks... Maybe even a little candy!

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I would say that the Desk Fairy needs to make several appearances, at first, to really motivate the kiddies to keep everything tidy. Then, I would maybe have the desk fairy leave a note for the class stating that she will return once a week (at different times and on different days) to really keep them on their toes! 

You can get your free letter HERE!
It's so pretty, that you can display it in your classroom as a constant reminder that the Desk Fairy may drop by at any time!

I've also had students organize their desks and take a photograph of it in order and then stick it to the inside of the desk top. This way, the student has a constant visual of what his/her desk should look like!

Turns out I'm not the only one blogging about this! Check out Michelle's freebie over at Teach123
and Lizzie at A First Grade Fairy Tale 

Hope the desk fairy stops by your classrooms! She sure will be passing by mine!
Until next time...
Ms. Nicole


  1. LOVE your sign and mentioned it in my blog here:


    Love all of your creative ideas, so glad I came across your blog via Pinterest :)

    1. Wow! Thanks so much :)
      You have made my day!
      I shall stop by your blog later today and visit!!!


  2. Thank you for this freebie - I really appreciate it!


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