I'm Back! Let's Celebrate with a FREEBIE!

Well Blogging Buddies, I have been M.I.A for a few days and that's because I had the extreme pleasure and opportunity to attend a fantastic, resourceful, humorous and inspiring conference!

My colleagues and I, boarded a Toronto bound Voyager Bus and made our way to the 

It was AMAZING!!!
It is well worth the annual visit!

We had the privilege to sit in on presentations given by such renowned and respectable educators as:

The Sisters (The Daily 5: What's New, Tried and True)
Carolyn Filice (Early Intensive Reading Intervention)
Peter Heydon (How the English Language Learner Brain Works)
Lori Jamison (Guided Reading: Making the Most of the 18 Minute Lesson
Tony Stead (Developing Empowered Readers & Writers through Rich Oral Language Experiences)
Miriam Trehearne (Learning to Write and Loving it!)

Needless to say, we received a wealth of information and my brain has been on overload for the past 2 days!! Thank goodness for note taking, as at this very moment I can't remember a thing!!! So much information in such a short period of time!

I had a wonderful time and am soooooo excited to begin using some of the strategies I learned! This is a wonderful conference that is well worth attending again next year!

Thanks to Mrs. Leslie (a.k.a. Mrs. Bestie <3) over at First Grade Frenzy for insisting I attend this amazing conference! She's the one who told me ALL about it! Love you Bestie!!!

Now that I am back and ready to blog, I have a special 
Valentine's Day present for all of you! 
Another FREEBIE package!!!! This time its all about pluralization!

I am in the process of creating several superhero themed grammar packages for the month of March, as I will be focusing on grammar in my little kiddies reading and writing, and will be incorporating the superhero theme to keep them engages and motivated!

This little Freebie goes a little something like this...

Pow! Wham! Bam! This Super Duper Superhero themed literacy/grammar package will certainly get your kiddies excited about Plurals! Filled with colorful graphics and engaging center activities, your students will learn all about the different rules of pluralization. This FREE 38 page package includes:

- 5 pluralization rules signs
- 2 pluralization centers (snap the word and matching game)
- recording sheets for each center
- 2 printable review sheets

Grab yourself a free copy HERE!
Get your copy soon as it won't be a freebie for long!!!

Oh, and if you like what you see you might want to take a look at my other 
Superhero Grammar Package: Super Duper Noun Package

Please let me know what you think of my freebie and let me know if you were at the conference! 
I love comments and followers too, 
so don't be shy!!!

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Stay tuned for a 100th day freebie (I know you've probably already celebrated but ours is on Tuesday) and a donut art and writing activity freebie 
(still on the Candyland theme for a few more weeks!)

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo

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  1. thank you for the plurals pack...I was just thinking about having the time to make them...but you saved me the time!


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