This Little Bakery is Making Donuts!

If you're a sweets kinda person, you're in for a treat!

I'm starting to think  I should have called this theme "At the Bakery" as opposed to "CandyLand!" I have to say, I have some talented bakers and have been loving every minute of fun this "unit" has offered!

We have now become donut chefs and this because we fell in love with the book: The Donut Chef. 
It is adorable and really quite funny! 

True to form, I supplied my kiddies with various shapes and forms of donut templates. 
I made several copies, on card stock, and the kiddies traced their preferred shape on their choice of colored construction paper.

You can grab yourself a free copy of these templates and the stationary right over HERE!

Here's what my master bakers came up with!

I love, love, love them! These kiddies are amazing!

I'm also really excited to be welcoming a student teacher as of Monday and I'm really happy about the kiddies using contractions! After some time working on those tricky little things, my students have improved their reading (as they recognize the contractions much quicker now!) AND many of them are also applying what they have learned in their writing (correctly!).

I was made aware that one of my invisible elf cards (a little freebie I had going on in December) had a contraction typo (you're/your .... yikes!) Total oversight on my part 
(sorry, it can happen to the best of us!)  So, I fished up that card and turned it into a teachable moment! Got the kiddies to figure out what the mistake was! Again, I apologize, I do spend a lot of time on this computer of mine and tend to make mistakes after a few hours! I promise to be more careful! :) 

This week my little bakers will turn into chefs. I'm also thinking of spinning this highly caloric and sugary unit into a little healthy eating (you are what you eat kind of thing) unit. I'll have some of these freebies for you in the very near future! Two more weeks until Spring Break!! Now if I can get through these report cards, I will be a much happier teacher!!! 
Time to stop procrastinating and get back to my assessments! 

Until next time.. Ms. Nicole xo


  1. OMG (That's right, you read correctly! lol) these are so CUTE!!! I seriously wish I could be a student in your class... Or at least your student teacher! HA! Good luck with that, btw!

    Oh and... Vday is passed now so we are due for our date little missy!!!
    Bisous xoxox

    1. Why, thank you my dear friend! I agree, we must get together soon. How about Tuesday? We can go for a coffee or some food! love ya! xo


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