Character Description - Monster Style!

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Today, in Second Grade we learned about Character Description!

First we talked about the different components of character description and added them to our focus wall. I like to add visuals to our focus walls as we learn them. This ensures that students are not overwhelmed and also instills a sense of pride when we learn new things.

Then we read a story called A Monster Wrote me a Letter and talked about the different components of the monster character. We shared his physical traits, personality traits, and his words and actions!

I love this book so much! The illustrations are beautiful and it's a perfect book to use for character description or letter writing!

After we read and discussed, the students started describing some monsters of their own. 

I like to start off by using white boards. This way they can brainstorm and experiment a little before they put anything down on paper. I also like to break the activity up by asking them to write about physical traits first, then coming together as a group and sharing what we wrote. Then they go back to their white board and add the personality traits. We repeat these steps until they have completed a full character description. This makes it less confusing and stressful for students, especially during their first attempt at character description. 

The next day we talked about character description again and then used this graphic organizer to create a monster that they would write about. 

Here are some samples of my students' finished products!


Here is a photo of my Focus Wall when it is complete and we have learned all the major components of Narrative Writing.

You might also like my Monster Mail Craftivity which is what I used to complement this Character Description lesson.

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