Haunted Houses - A Setting Activity

Happy Sunday to you ALL!
This WEEK in Second Grade we will be working on Setting in Narrative Writing.
So far, we have covered hook sentences and character description and my students are slowly becoming great creative writers!

I always start off by adding posters to our focus wall and discussing what these new concepts are.

Below you will find a complete focus wall but I only put components up as we learn them. This week we will be adding SETTING to the wall and practicing this skill. 

After we discuss, I always send the students back to their seats to practice some setting writing on their white boards. It's quick, it's easy, and they love it!

This week I decided to add a little visual to our lesson. Students will have to describe the haunted houses to help them familiarize themselves with the components of SETTING

After they write about the pictures they will be able to describe their own Haunted House.

This Haunted House Directed Drawing video is a perfect way to end this activity!

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Until next time...

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