Giveaway Winners!

Hi friends,
I want to thank you all so much for adopting my school and helping us with this most wonderful endeavour! So far, our school has received 337 new books! We are all beyond excited! Kiddies included! Once again, thank you for your support! If you haven't already done so, please, please, please take 1 minute to adopt our school! IT'S FREE!

Now for the really good stuff! The winners of my latest literacy unit: We are going on a safari!

If you haven't checked this unit out yet! Now is the time to go! My kiddies just loved it!!!

Here are the fantastic winners!

Joanne Koch Matuch

Lori Raines

Laura Breunig

Cindy Calenti

Mary Happymommy

Thank you sooooooo very much for your support and congratulations!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


Super Duper Giveaway!

Hello my dearest cyber friends,
I am writing to you today for one very important reason. Indigo Laval (a bookstore near my school) has adopted John F. Kennedy Elementary School (my school!)! This is fantastic news because with the support of friends (i.e. you!), family and community, we are able to receive new books to replenish our school library. Furthermore, we are in the running to win a 10,000$ library makeover! 

I don't need to stress to any of you (my fellow educators) the importance that this holds for our school. We are an inner city school and I can assure you, our library needs a makeover! 

I am asking you all a VERY BIG FAVOR! I am aware that you are all extremely busy, however I urge you to please click on the following link and adopt our school! It is absolutely FREE and will require about 1 full minute of your time! For every 50 adopters, we will receive a free book. Also, we will receive points that will help us win the 10,000$ makeover. 

In appreciation for your support, I am having a giveaway! Each person who adopts my school, John F. Kennedy, will be in the draw to win my newest literacy center package!

This package includes:
1 word wall
1 bingo center
1 memory game center
1 printing center
1 alphabetizing center
1 spelling center
1 research center
1 reading comprehension center
1 word search center
writing stationary
center menus

Please, please, please adopt our school HERE!!!!!


In order to enter the giveaway, please adopt my school and write a comment below this post. Include in your comment, the name you used to adopt my school and your email address. I will be checking the adopt a school website and only entering people who have in fact adopted my school. This is a cause that is dear to my heart and I really want the giveaway participants to have actually adopted the school!

I will reveal the giveaway winners (5 people!) on Tuesday September 25, 2012! You have until Tuesday evening to enter, but please do it as soon as possible!

Thank you soooooooooo much for the support!!!!!! 
Please feel free to tell your friends and family about this giveaway and our adopt a school contest and feel free to blog about it too!!!!

Thank you from all the kiddies at JFK Elementary!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole

Literacy Center Organization

I'm back for a third day in row!
I'm so happy to finally be blogging again! I still have about a million other things to do, but I simply had to post again! Today, the kiddies took part in their first literacy center activities of the year! They had so much fun and so did I! 

We are taking part in Safari Literacy Centers, which I made myself and will be blogging about soon.
As there are many centers (nine in total) and I have many students (24 to be precise), I have to stay organized in order to keep everything flowing smoothly.

ENTER, my Center Fun, organization chart!

The cards are placed on each envelope with velcro and can be removed and changed as needed. 

I added a little "jungle touch" with the animal print sticks!

You can grab a copy of the different literacy center task cards right over HERE!

Here's what they look like...

The kiddies are looooooving this whole safari bit so much, that they are bringing monkeys to school! I am getting notes from parents asking if it's ok if the students bring some stuffed jungle animals to school because they are so excited to be learning all about the jungle!

Look who came to visit today!

I had to get a picture!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


Monkey Mail!

Hey Everyone,
Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday! I am back again to share another ongoing activity that is taking place in my jungle. It involves none other than Gi and Braltar, our classroom monkeys from Gibraltar!

I have set up a little post office in my classroom and like to call this activity MONKEY MAIL!
As is common for most classrooms, I do have some students who finish their work more quickly than others. I have a few different booklets and activities that my students can work on when they finish a task before their classmates. I like to leave the options open and have found another great way for them to practice writing. I have set up a mini monkey mail box and encourage the students to write postcards to Gi and Braltar. And GUESS WHAT! Gi and Braltar write back! 

Below you will find just one of the many adorable letters that have gone out to these much loved monkeys!

I love it! It's monkey fan mail! Hehe!

You can grab a copy of the monkey mail template right HERE!
So get your pencils sharpened and start sending out some Jungle News!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


Monkeys are Invading my Classroom!

Hi Cyber Friends!
I'm back again with another freebie! I'm loving my Jungle classroom and am in full safari mode with the kiddies! They are so enthusiastic about learning IN and ABOUT the jungle! I really want to share some pics and a video, but I am patiently awaiting for 
some furniture that will complete our wilderness adventure. 

It is important for me to give you a little background on this freebie. As you may already know, I spent some time in Europe over the summer and visited the Rock of Gibraltar. This beautiful rock is home to many wild apes, who greet you upon arrival!

As I was devoted to my safari theme for my classroom, 
I decided to purchase some furry friends for our jungle! 

Meet Gi and Braltar! Together their names spell Gibraltar. The kiddies got a kick out of that! We have also given them tails and turned them into monkeys!

True to form, I needed to implement a monkey themed writer's workshop lesson! Duhhh!!!

The kiddies wanted to call our shared story "Ooh, Ooh, Aah, Aah!" Could they be any cuter?!?!?!

I made a monkey model for them to use for inspiration and of course a monkey template! 

I always make a model and print the templates on construction paper. I also encourage the kiddies to add personal touches to their work. 

 I'm really loving how they turned out! 
You can grab yourself a free copy of the monkey template HERE!
And a free copy of the monkey stationary HERE!

Stay tuned for more Safari Freebies!
I have lots of ideas and resources to share!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


It's Freebie Time!

Well my dear friends,
The beginning of the school year has proved to be busy, hectic, exciting and fun! Did I already say busy? Let me say it again! BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! Let's just say the day after I returned from my fabulous European getaway, I went back to work and MOVED classrooms! Yes MOVED! (I won't lie, I like my new classroom better! HEHE! But I'm still allowed to complain!) In the midst of moving and setting up my curriculum, I decided that I just HAD TO turn my classroom into a jungle! Yes, of course, it was not the right time for this dramatic change, which I tell you is very dramatic as I went ALLLLLLLL OUT! But, when I have an idea, I can't let it go! Speaking of ideas, I did promise many freebies and activities to you and as I cannot let go of my ideas, I am posting today to share not one but two freebies! You will also have the pleasure of getting the teensiest of glimpses of my new decor! It's not completely ready yet and I only want to share when my jungle is complete!
I promise to share pictures and a video!!!

So here is my first freebie. Some of you may have downloaded my blends, digraphs and word ending cards over at my TpT page. Of course, due to my new jungle theme, I decided to make new ones! 

I made leaves because I wanted to add to my collection of plants and trees in my classroom.
Here is how I displayed the leaves.

All I can tell you right now is that my classroom is very GREEN! Oh, AND I love it!

You can grab yourself a FREE copy of these leaves right HERE!

My other gift to you is a little something that I live by! As you all know, I love my writer's workshop and my kiddies love it too! I have made a new writer's workshop booklet where the students write the drafts of their stories. Then of course, upon completion of the editing process, they always recopy on a nice theme related stationary!

You can grab a FREE copy of this right over HERE!

Enjoy and I'll be back real soon with some more ideas and freebies!
Also, I'm almost done my SAFARI Literacy Center Unit!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo

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