Monkey Mail!

Hey Everyone,
Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday! I am back again to share another ongoing activity that is taking place in my jungle. It involves none other than Gi and Braltar, our classroom monkeys from Gibraltar!

I have set up a little post office in my classroom and like to call this activity MONKEY MAIL!
As is common for most classrooms, I do have some students who finish their work more quickly than others. I have a few different booklets and activities that my students can work on when they finish a task before their classmates. I like to leave the options open and have found another great way for them to practice writing. I have set up a mini monkey mail box and encourage the students to write postcards to Gi and Braltar. And GUESS WHAT! Gi and Braltar write back! 

Below you will find just one of the many adorable letters that have gone out to these much loved monkeys!

I love it! It's monkey fan mail! Hehe!

You can grab a copy of the monkey mail template right HERE!
So get your pencils sharpened and start sending out some Jungle News!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo

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