Literacy Center Organization

I'm back for a third day in row!
I'm so happy to finally be blogging again! I still have about a million other things to do, but I simply had to post again! Today, the kiddies took part in their first literacy center activities of the year! They had so much fun and so did I! 

We are taking part in Safari Literacy Centers, which I made myself and will be blogging about soon.
As there are many centers (nine in total) and I have many students (24 to be precise), I have to stay organized in order to keep everything flowing smoothly.

ENTER, my Center Fun, organization chart!

The cards are placed on each envelope with velcro and can be removed and changed as needed. 

I added a little "jungle touch" with the animal print sticks!

You can grab a copy of the different literacy center task cards right over HERE!

Here's what they look like...

The kiddies are looooooving this whole safari bit so much, that they are bringing monkeys to school! I am getting notes from parents asking if it's ok if the students bring some stuffed jungle animals to school because they are so excited to be learning all about the jungle!

Look who came to visit today!

I had to get a picture!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo

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