It's Freebie Time!

Well my dear friends,
The beginning of the school year has proved to be busy, hectic, exciting and fun! Did I already say busy? Let me say it again! BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! Let's just say the day after I returned from my fabulous European getaway, I went back to work and MOVED classrooms! Yes MOVED! (I won't lie, I like my new classroom better! HEHE! But I'm still allowed to complain!) In the midst of moving and setting up my curriculum, I decided that I just HAD TO turn my classroom into a jungle! Yes, of course, it was not the right time for this dramatic change, which I tell you is very dramatic as I went ALLLLLLLL OUT! But, when I have an idea, I can't let it go! Speaking of ideas, I did promise many freebies and activities to you and as I cannot let go of my ideas, I am posting today to share not one but two freebies! You will also have the pleasure of getting the teensiest of glimpses of my new decor! It's not completely ready yet and I only want to share when my jungle is complete!
I promise to share pictures and a video!!!

So here is my first freebie. Some of you may have downloaded my blends, digraphs and word ending cards over at my TpT page. Of course, due to my new jungle theme, I decided to make new ones! 

I made leaves because I wanted to add to my collection of plants and trees in my classroom.
Here is how I displayed the leaves.

All I can tell you right now is that my classroom is very GREEN! Oh, AND I love it!

You can grab yourself a FREE copy of these leaves right HERE!

My other gift to you is a little something that I live by! As you all know, I love my writer's workshop and my kiddies love it too! I have made a new writer's workshop booklet where the students write the drafts of their stories. Then of course, upon completion of the editing process, they always recopy on a nice theme related stationary!

You can grab a FREE copy of this right over HERE!

Enjoy and I'll be back real soon with some more ideas and freebies!
Also, I'm almost done my SAFARI Literacy Center Unit!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


  1. Great freebies! The tree and leaves are adorable!


  2. Thanks for the freebies! I love the tree leaves- such a creative way to keep displaying them. :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad


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