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ELA for September

Hi Friends,
I'm so excited to share my latest pack with you!
It's one that will make your Back to School transition a little easier! Your students will be engaged, learn important social skills for the year, and work on important ELA concepts all at once!

Check out my ELA for the month of SEPTEMBER unit!

Everyday Phonics

Hi Friends, 
I'm so excited to tell you all about my phonics routine!

This blogpost and these packs have been in the works for a very long time and I'm so happy to finally be able to share it all with you.

Quoting the Kiddies

Hi friends, 
I thought I'd pass by today to share some funnies the kiddies have said in the last few weeks! There's nothing like hearing a little kid say something completely hilarious to put a smile on a teacher's face!

Telling Time

Hi Friends, 
Today in second grade we learned all about telling time. 

The Benefits of DAILY PRACTICE & REVIEW (And how to implement it in your daily routine.)

Hi Friends, 
Today in Second Grade we reviewed and practiced in ELA and MATH. I actually do this EVERYDAY. Daily practice and review is how I get my kiddies to improve in reading and number sense. It's how I ensure that all my students acquire those important base skills that help them with grade level work in ELA and MATH.

Polar Express Day

                                                                            Hi Friends,
Today in Second Grade we are going to board the Polar Express and go to the North Pole!

Math in the Classroom

Hi Friends, 
Today in Second Grade, we focused on our math skills. 

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