Wednesday, 18 May 2016

End of the Year Student Gifts

Hi Friends,
Today, I want to share some cute ideas I've come across for End of the Year Student Gifts!

So, here we go!

Sparkling in Second Grade has a fun gift tag for bubbles! I mean who doesn't love bubbles!

Lessons with Laughter shares a fun gift tag for sunglasses! I know my kiddies love their shades!

I love Happy Home Fairy's  frisbee idea! So unique!

Landee See Landee Do sure knows that kids love sidewalk chalk!

Your Teacher's Aide has a lovely idea for a fun summer keepsake! I am so going to do this!

I hope you can use one of these fun gift ideas with your students!
Happy End of the Year!

Check out some of my favorite packs to do at the end of the school year!




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Sunday, 15 May 2016

End of the Year Ideas

Hello Friends,
Today, in Second Grade we are talking about the End of the Year!

I decided to compile a list of a few ideas I saw online that look really fun and engaging!

So, here we go!

 Miss Ward's Studious Second Graders has a great end of the year activity. 
Love this Summer Bucket List. I think I'll even make one for myself!

Teaching with Simplicity has a great Summer Bingo! Perfect for the last few days!

The Crafty Crow knows how to keep the kiddies busy during the last few days and help a teacher clean up his/her craft drawer! Love this Initial "JUNK" Art activity!

Create Art with Me has a great idea for taking art OUTSIDE! 

Growing a Jewelled Rose  has a great recipe for ice cream in a bag! Now who doesn't need that!?

I hope you like these ideas and can use some of them in your classroom!

Here are some of my favorite end of the year units!
Click on the pictures to check them out! 





Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Shark Attack!

Good Morning Friends!
Today, in Second Grade we read, wrote, and learned about SHARKS

We had SOOOOOOO much fun!

As usual, it all began with a read aloud about 
Shark the Shark who lived on Shark Island!

We write a reading response and a narrative of our own.

The kiddies loved referring to our shark focus wall to help them with their writing. 

The kiddies loved illustrating their mini-books too. There is something about them each having their own copy of these little books that makes them soooooooo HAPPY! We read and reread to practice fluency and expression and they have so much fun!


The kiddies favorite part had to be reading and learning all about the different kinds of sharks. We went over the vocabulary and the interesting facts and then they wrote non-fiction texts and filled out a shark mini-book filled with information that they had learned!



Let me tell you, these kids know a lot about sharks!



Once again, my early finishers did a great job with the Shark coloring! They had to write something silly on the sign and the things they came up with were hilarious!


We also learned about a shark's anatomy!


You can check out my Shark Pack HERE!

Until next time...