Portfolio Fun!

Hello All,
Today, in Second Grade we worked on our portfolios! 

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First, we decorated our Portfolio cover pages (very important of course).

Then, we sorted all of their writing pieces from September to May. 

Aaaaaannnnnd... We got to work!


The kiddies loved looking back at their work. They were so proud!

In an effort to keep the portfolios "neat and tidy," we left out some of our larger crafts. The kiddies were excited to bring some of their work home right away.

The next step was to reread all of heir stories and pick their best work, favorite piece, and most challenging piece.

They glued a star, a heart, and a cloud on these pieces. 

The students then got to share their portfolios with one another and will show them to their parents in the last week of school. My plan is to have the students perform a reader's theater and then invite their parents to class to share the portfolios. 

This should be GREAT fun!

Finally, the students will bring their portfolios home and have a nice keepsake of their second grade work! It's always fun to look back!

You can click on the pictures to check out some of the craftivities we did this year.
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Until next time...

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