Hey Everyone,
We finally finished our dinosaur unit and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

We got to read, write, and learn all about 5 dinosaurs!

The kiddies LOVED it! I think it was their favourite theme of the year!

One of their favourite parts was reading about each dinosaur and then filling out a facts sheet.

Here is some of their learning UP CLOSE!

We also had fun with centers! 
I took an activity from each Dinosaur Pack and we completed it during centre rotations. 

Bingo was a hit!

The kiddies loved  being word detectives!

They completed some reading comprehensions and wrote some stories too!

 I love how they worked together to complete the word search!

The Draw a Triceratops poem was sooooooo much fun!!!

We also had a blast making crafts for each dinosaur!

Click on the pictures below to check out my Dinosaur Packs!

Each unit comes with a read aloud, facts cards, craft templates, reading comprehension, writing stationary, reading response, and a fun game/activity!



You can also grab all FIVE in my Dinosaur BUNDLE!

Have yourselves a great Sunday!
Until next time...

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