When Santa Lost his Sleigh

Hello Everyone,

My little elves have been hard at work creating the most amazing stories! I have to say the quality of their writing has greatly improved over the past few weeks and I am very impressed! They are however, exhibiting some difficulties with contractions and thus I have been hard at work, myself, creating a unit to help them better understand these rules and remember how to spell them correctly
 (stay tuned, it's a great resource). 

I began the lesson by reading a story that I made up and created on notebook (god bless scrappindoodles clipart, they made my story so vibrant and exciting)! I have to say I am loving creating stories for my kiddies. I no longer need to worry about having a specific book and running around like a chicken with no head looking for a book that is suitable for the lesson. Of course, I still loooooove books, I just like that I can come up with any whacky idea and be able to read a story to the kiddies about it!

So my story goes a little like this...
Santa loses his sled on Christmas Eve and is devastated (lots of new vocabulary words!) of course because he will not be able to deliver the presents to all the children. Alas, his North Pole friends try to help him find the sleigh. Rudolph thinks that if Santa rubs his big red nose, the sleigh will reappear... The elves think that if Santa rings the little bells on their shoes, the sleigh will reappear... After many magical attempts from the North Pole friends, Frosty shows up with a special snow globe and saves the day! It's a cute little story and guess what! You can download it below for free!

After we read the story, we wrote a class story together! I have 2 language arts classes so here is what both groups came up with...


These kiddos crack me up! Their ideas are genius! 

After we wrote our class stories, they went back to their seat and created their own masterpieces.
I supplied them with templates and a model to make a Santa and here is an example of what they came up with!
Looooooooooooveeeeee This!

Tell me this is not precious!

Download the templates and writing prompt below!

I also made a shared reading activity to go with this story. It is based on the "When Santa Lost his Sleigh" story that I created. You can find more information about shared reading from a previous post I made: Shared Reading Information

You can download the shared reading activity here

I hope you enjoy these activities as much as we did!
Happy Holidays!

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