The Tales of Elves and Latke People

Good Evening All,
                              I am almost certain that you are all feeling the last minute crunch of the holiday season! I certainly am! I apologize for not posting in some time, however I have been as busy as an elf preparing for Christmas at home and with the kiddies! We have two more days of school left and about 1,000 things to do! 

Today we honored the first day of Hanukkah by making potato latke people (I ate four real latkes myself at Governing Board last night)! We read a story about the celebration and customs and made these adorable little people! 

Download free latke template HERE!

In keeping with Christmas, our little Invisible Elf made his way back to our classroom again! Two times this week, to be precise!

First, he stopped by and left some little "knick knacks" for my sweeties. Who would of thought that some dollar store stickers could stir a classroom up as much as they did! The kiddos were in love with them! "Can we color them? Can I wear my sticker from the Invisible Elf?" Too cute!

You can download the free 
note template HERE!

Today, the students had the great idea of baking for the Invisible Elf. Well, due to time constraints, we were unable to actually devote an hour and a half to actually bake SOOOOO.... WE PRETENDED! How, you ask.? Well simple, we brought in some flour and water (we claimed we had already mixed in sugar, baking powder and such with the flour) and had the kiddies each take a turn mixing the concoction! To our dismay, we began this endeavor much to close to recess time and had to drop everything and "Continue" after recess. Well, what do you know! The Invisible Elf dropped by while we were out and baked the cookies for us! 

And, What a mess he made!

Of course, as you all are very much aware, I am quite the avid baker and spent all of Sunday making 3 cakes and 90 cookies! None of which will accompany me to any of my destinations on Christmas Eve or  Day! Thus, I will have to bake again! I will definitely share some photos in an upcoming post of all my delicious little treats!

At the very beginning of all of this Invisible Elf "stuff" I had thought of revealing myself as the Invisible Elf on the last day of school. However, upon seeing the magic in these little eyes and the belief they all have in this spectacular little creature, I have made the decision to pretend as though this Elf truly exists! I think it is wonderful that the munchkins still believe and that they are beyond happy and excited to have had the privilege to be visited by an elf from the North Pole! I simply can't take that feeling away from them!

I know many of you are already on Holiday Break (very jealous btw), however you can still expect at least one more holiday classroom activity post (my last day with the kiddies centers, to be precise) AND some posts about holiday baking!

Happy Holidays to One and All!  And Until next time...

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