It's Lion Taming Time!

Hey everyone,
                       I know we are all wrapped up in holiday units, but I thought I'd slip one last circus activity in! No harm in downloading something for later right?! So our very last circus writer's workshop consisted of stepping into the shoes of a lion tamer! We had a lot of fun and our lions were quite the talent!! These imaginations, they flabbergast me! 
  We basically went over our same old writer's workshop routine: I read a theme related story, we talked about it, we mapped out what we should write about, we wrote a theme related class story, read it, and finally they kiddos wrote their own story. 

I swear this approach is NUMERO UNO! I will not lie, the first few weeks of doing this were difficult. I may have aged 10 years at times, however the students have gotten so great at this and are so excited to write! It is worth the craziness in the beginning! Now our writer's workshop lessons flow so well! I love it and so do the kiddies!!

Here's what our lion tamer stories looked like...

The kiddies did a great job!

You can download free templates here: lion mane
And here: lion face

Enjoy and stay tuned for "When Santa Lost his Sleigh" 
Post will include: Smartboard activity, shared reading and writing activity! All freebies!

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