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Hi Everyone,
  I spent the day teaching a fabulous eager group of future bloggers, alongside my bestie Mrs. Leslie (! They were great! 

Do you ever have one of those days where everything goes completely wrong? Well, that's what we experienced at the beginning of our day!

Despite the fact that I walked into school and had a missing substitute (god bless our amazing secretary for finding one on such short notice!) and had technical difficulties with our laptops (I totally hate technology sometimes, tell me I'm not the only one!), we actually had a successful "workshop!" Just imagine half the group already having a url and working on templates while the other half didn't even have a working computer yet! Oiiiii, what a mess! Is it pathetic that we needed a sixth grader to help us and ensure that the computers were working correctly?!?! 
He was awesome by the way! 

Anyhow, as I mentioned, the "workshop," as a whole, was a great success.
They did such a great job! I am proud of our little bloggers!
 I am talking, a group of teachers who have never used blogger, now have their very own classroom blogs! Yippeeee! 

My school was a great host to these wonderful teachers as well, they were very impressed with all that is going on in my amazing school. I've I mentioned about a billion times how much I love it there!?!

Thought I'd share the handout I made for the "workshop" with all of you. Found some great new ideas on Lady Bug Teacher Files, Kristen rocks the blogger world!

Get my freebie blogger help handout here!

P.s. Forgot to mention I'm super happy about hitting 100 LIKES of Facebook! Show some love and help me get 100 followers over here! 

Also, please make sure to check out my christmas writing activities below. Stories, shared reading, writing prompts and arts and crafts. ALL FREEBIES.

And for those who are interested in The Invisible Elf, he will be visiting the kiddos again tomorrow so stay tuned for another freebie! Until then! Take care!


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  2. Hey! I thought I'd share with you how excited Ms.Barbara (from Pinewood) is about creating her own classroom blog. She was one of those teachers who never got her laptop to work. Despite all this, she asked me to help her create her new classroom blog. It will be on my To Do list for January! She also told me how impressed she was with you. She loved how you were so enthusiastic and patient with the group. Good job, my friend!!


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