The Invisible Elf Returns!

Good Evening Everyone,
                                        You'll never believe it! The Invisible Elf returned today with a beautiful treat from France!! He was right on board with our theme for the day (what a surprise). I have been teaching the kiddos all about Christmas around the world. I've been using a wonderful resource by Sarah over at First Grader at Last

Grab this great resource HERE!

So, today we worked on the France page and I decided to show them some youtube clips of the Eiffel Tower at Christmas time. 

It's really lit up like this every night, however the French Christmas song makes for a great holiday treat!
I also printed the lyrics to the song Petit Papa Noel. 

While we were learning a little bit about France, the Eiffel tower and how the kiddies leave a shoe for "Papa Noel" to leave toys in, my very amazing attendant prepared a great big surprise for the kiddies. We were in the Smartboard room and were discussing the fact that in France they eat "Buche de Noel" (Yule Log) and what do you know, The Invisible Elf left us another note AND a mini "Buche de Noel" (Swiss Rolls, yumm!). My attendant was darn creative, she used brown paint to make 'elf handprints" all over the classroom! (love this!)

Tell me this is not AMAZING!! The best part is that those who were apprehensive to believe the first time around, were completely shocked because I spent the entire time in the Smartboard room with them watching videos from Paris!

Tomorrow, the Invisible Elf plans on stepping foot into our baking bowls!
This should prove to be very cute indeed!
Until next time...

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