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We have teamed up with GoNoodle to share some of the ways you can use GN in YOUR classroom! Of course, we have lots of things to giveaway too!!!!!

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Lucky to Be in First

I use GoNoodle in MANY ways in my classroom,
but here is how I use it to promote physical activity and a happier and healthier lifestyle!

Let's be real for a minute... We now live in a world where computers, video games, and tablets take precedence over playing outside and exercising. Children of this generation are motivated by constant VISUAL change and stimulation. It is often difficult to motivate them to get up and move, despite the fact that they really NEED IT!

GoNoodle is such a great tool to use encourage students to be active. It is the right combination of technology and exercise that has EVERY child in my classroom excited about moving!

GoNoodle shares a multitude of exercise choices. You can get everything from Jumping Hurdles, to Dancing, to Regaining your Center with Yoga Poses.

The site is user friendly and organizes the videos in a way that makes it easy to find EXACTLY what your looking for in seconds!

You can choose from a variety of videos. My students love the dance breaks and they especially love to calm down and relax with yoga.

Sometimes we even aim for the gold with some sports videos.

The variety, the music, the characters, and the constant visual and audio gratification are the perfect combination for our kids today. It is exactly what they look for to stimulate them but instead of sitting in front of a computer, they actually get to MOVE! Can't get any better than that! 

All of these activities help students, and adults alike, become happier and healthier. The benefits of exercise are many, especially in the classroom. Students NEED to move. A short GoNoodle video can lead to an hour of great learning. As they say: A little goes a long way!

So HERE is what I do to teach my students about the importance of physical activity. 

When you create a class in GoNoodle you get to choose a Champ. The champ is a little monster and serves as a class mascot.

Let's face it... Just the Champs will have your kiddies hooked! 
It's totally geared towards this generations likes!

Each time you complete a Brain Break, you earn points. I call them exercise points to reinforce the importance of physical activity

When you reach a certain number of points, your Champ goes into a machine called a Transmogrifier and "transforms." It typically grows bigger muscles and gets taller. The kiddies LOVE this! While our Champ "transforms" we stand tall and flex OUR muscles to show how we've also changed a little! 

Your Champ will go through many stages of "transformation" and when it reaches it's final stage, you will be able to print a certificate and then choose another Champ! Oh, the fun! 

I also use this opportunity to promote the importance of exercising by displaying our certificates in class and congratulating my students on all the physical activity they have completed. 
We also talk about how great we feel during and after a "workout!"

So HERE are my Using GoNoodle to Motivate Students to Participate in Physical Activity in POINT FORM!

- Use the Brain Break Videos in your classroom.
- Congratulate your students after each "workout" and remind them that they are earning exercise points
- Celebrate with your Champ when it "transforms." Flex those muscles!
- Print the certificates and display them to encourage your students to keep exercising. 

And, NOW, for some more FUN!

Of course, GoNoodle has got you covered...

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