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Hello Sweet Friends,
Well, here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. Our Turkeys are now tucked away in our writing portfolios and we are in full Fairy Tale mode in our classroom, but I thought I'd share some of our Thanksgiving fun with all of you today. 

I am so thankful for my amazing cyber buddies! So thankful that I am sharing my Thanksgiving word wall with all of you!!!

I used it to help my students write some great TURKEY stories! 
We had lots of fun making our Belly Stuffed with Stories Crafts and wrote some great things about Thanksgiving.

I love, love, love that they are thankful for their school. I tell ya, these kiddies love to learn and everything is well appreciated and received by them. Such a great bunch! They also think very highly of our staff, as they are thankful for the cleanliness of our building AND the excellent educators! 
They crack me up everyday!

Our display was a big hit! Their stories are tucked inside the turkey bellies! So much fun!

The kiddies loooooooved the giant turkey. They kept saying that she was the mommy and their turkeys were the babies. It was precious. A little firstie from across the hall had me in stitches when he asked me HOW MUCH GLUE it took to make the giant turkey! It was pretty stinken cute! 

This was such a fun activity. I also completed my Turkeys in Disguise Craftivity with my other group. The kiddies came up with ways to disguise the turkeys so that they wouldn't be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner! They are such a creative bunch!

You can check out my Belly Stuffed with Stories Craftivity right HERE!

You can grab my Turkeys in Disguise Craftivity right over HERE!

You can grab a free copy of my Thanksgiving Word Wall right over HERE!

What are you all thankful for this year?
Until next time...

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