Monster Mail

Hello Friends,
I'm back with some news from the monster who lives under the bed! 
Yes, you read right! We received mail from a MONSTER! 

One of the components of our second grade program is letter writing. 
Well, in our class, we don't write just any old letter. We write MONTER MAIL!

We read a great message from a monster and decided that we could be monsters too! 
We wrote a class letter to our PRINCIPAL! Which the students insisted on "mailing" to her. 

I used the highlight feature on the Smartboard to highlight the important components of a letter. This helped my kiddies when writing their own monster mail. 

We decided to describe the monster, write about what he/she likes, 
and add a little silly sentence at the end. 

The students used these spelling helpers to help them with their writing. 

The letters turned out GREAT! We even MADE monsters!

They are "hanging" out with our friends Arnold and Toby!

It was such a great way to practice letter writing AND review descriptive writing. 
We had tons of fun!

You can check out my Monster Mail Craftivity pack right over HERE!

Until next time...

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