Math Center Madness

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Just popping by to talk to you about some math fun we've been having. I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself. Math has never been my best subject but this year I've got it down to an art! And it's all because of the amazing program we're using AND my math centers (I'll take 1/3 of the credit). Hehe!
The kiddies love the centers and really understand the concepts after completing them. 

The students love using their dry erase markers on the center cards and this saves our school a lot of paper! I walk around and take notes on how students are doing. I also sit with them and help them out.
I choose 4 out of 8 centers to assess (I combine two packs at a time). I ask students to choose ONE card to record their answer on paper. This gives me concrete evaluations.

Midway through the completion of the centers, I assess their knowledge of math vocabulary. 

I use the math word wall to encourage students to answer some questions about the concepts we are covering. All the answers can be found on the word wall. This gives me a clear idea of who is getting it and who needs extra support. 

You can check out my Counting and Comparing Numbers Math Centers HERE!

You can check out my Numerical and Non-Numerical Patterns Math Centers right over HERE!

You can grab yourself a free copy of my word wall and math vocabulary activity right over HERE!
For the other half of this word wall & a math vocabulary activity to accompany it, please click HERE!

Click on the Math Madness label on the right side of my blog to get more free word walls and check out more of my math centers. 

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