Bunny Profiles

Hoppy Sunday Everyone,
I'm here to share an adorable and fun craftivity that we did this past week. 

We had loads of fun with it. We read all about some special bunnies (in their profiles). Then we made our own bunny profiles.

The kiddies thought Carrot and friends were pretty funny. An Easter Bunny who doesn't like chocolate?! A bunny who dislikes carrots? A bunny who doesn't like to hop?!

Too. Stinken. Cute.

My Hopping Bunny Song was also a hit...
Let's just say, it talks about chocolate in the tummy and goes to the tune of 
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!
I mean does it GET any better than that!

Be sure to check out my Bunny Profiles Pack!

Until next time...

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