Quoting the Kiddies (Chapter: 2)

Good Morning Everyone,
Here is my second entry for Quoting the Kiddies! I have a few funnies written down and thought I'd share them with all of you!

Setting the Scene 

In the middle of an energizing video from GoNoodle, on the 68th day of school (yes we keep track and yes I remember the day). Keep in mind that both students in question have been in school since DAY 1 of our school year.

Quoting Sarah

Ms. Nicole, I have something important to tell you. John (another student in our class) looks a lot like my brother. 

That' s correct. On the 68th day of school, Sarah realized that both John and her brother were blonds and looked a lot alike! 

Setting the Scene 

It's one of the first Winter snows and we are entering the building after recess. I notice that Alex is eating snow. As he walks by me, I tell him not to eat snow because it is dirty and unhealthy. 

Quoting Alex

But sometimes, my mouth gets warm. 

Well there you have it! If you need to cool down (especially your mouth) eat some snow ladies and gents! 

Setting the Scene 

It's a few days before Christmas break and I am one sick teacher. While I'm away the students decide to write Get Well cards!

Quoting Katie

Dear Ms. Nicole, I hope you are resting. It's very important to listen to your body.

Yep, my 7 year old student had to remind me to listen to my body. I guess she felt I'd been clocking in too many hours!

Setting the Scene 

It's Valentine's Day and Michael gives me a card. The card reads: I love you Ms. Nicole and this year I will to be your valentine.

Quoting Michael

ME: Michael you're going to be my valentine?!
Michael: Yes! My mom said you weren't married!
(His mom later told me that he said I don't have a ring therefore I'm not married and he can be my valentine)! Too much!!

Tick Tock, my friends! My student is worried about my relationship status and doesn't want me to feel sad and alone on VDAY! 

Setting the Scene 

We are on a field trip up north and are getting ready to slide down a massive hill! 

Quoting James

"Boy it looks fun from the bottom but it sure gets intimidating as we climb higher!" Then, as he is a about to slide down, he states that he really regrets this moment but will suck it up and slide down anyway! 

I gotta say, I regretted that moment too! Especially when I hit a bump and got some air time!  

These kiddies crack me up everyday! Be sure to comment some of the funnies your kiddies say!

Until next time...

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