Crazy Eggs Throwback!

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Fun fact about me: I have either been looping with my kiddies or teaching a different grade each year. This has proven to be difficult with regards to creating new units. I gotta say, this year I am loving the fact that I can use some of the products I created in the past for a SECOND TIME. I continue to create new seasonal activities for my kiddies but it's also nice to throw in something that't already made and that I know has worked for me in the past. With that being said, here is a throwback post about my Crazy Eggs! I did this craftivity last year and was able to do it again this week! 

We have been having a blast working on our Crazy Eggs Easter Unit

First, we read the read aloud and completed a reading response. My little second graders are soooooo good at this, it's incredible. I tried to introduce it at the beginning of the year and they just weren't ready. But now they are superstars! They point out structures and features in all texts and are constantly making connections! I L-O-V-E it! 

Grab this Read Aloud HERE!

We read the story (it has a great meaning) and then completed the shared reading and a reading response. This time, I had my strong readers complete a reading response, and those who struggle a little more, complete the shared reading. I cannot stress enough about how shared reading helps my struggling readers build confidence and fluency. 

After we read the story and did some comprehension activities, we wrote our own stories and created a Crazy Egg Craft! Here are some of our finished products! They are too cute! 


Grab this Craftivity HERE!

This was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
I can't wait to play I HAVE, WHO HAS? 

Here is another fun Craftivity we tried last year. 

They turned out GREAT and we had loads of fun! 
I especially love the Draw a Bunny Poem! They always turn out so cute!

You can check out this Craftivity right over HERE!

Hey, guess what! If you are a fan of my Reindeer or Cupid Profiles, 
you are going to love my BUNNY profiles!
Check them out right HERE!

If you already own one or more of these packs, please be sure to download them again, as I have just recently updated them all! 

Happy Eater and Until next time...

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