Cowboy Day!

Hello Sweet Friends,

I wanted to share with you the very best part of our cowboy theme, COWBOY DAY!
What is a theme without some dressing up!

Did I dress up, you ask? Well, if you know me at all, then you'll know that the dressing up was all my idea and that YES I got myself some western gear all right!

In fact, so did my colleagues!

Oh ya, an most important, the KIDS!

So on cowboy day, we decided to take some activities from my two cowboy packs and have us a great time!

First, we read a poem about drawing a cowboy and did just that!
I love how they all followed the same directions but each picture is so different!





Then, we finished our cowboy literacy centers. In cowboy attire of course.

We played I Have, Who has and timed ourselves. Loads of fun as always!

Finally we did some singing and dancing!

 This Square Dance Cadence video from the Learning Station was so much fun!

We also enjoyed the Hockey Pokey curtesy of Just Dance

We also sang some songs. This was the kiddies favorite!

You can find the above activities in the following packs!


And don't forget to read all about how I used these packs in my 

Until next time...

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