Draw a Witch

Hello Everyone,
Halloween is fast approaching and we are having SOOOO MUCH FUN!

Everyday, I try to present Halloween in a different way and shake things up a little.

Today, in Second Grade we drew witches!!!

We read a Draw a Witch Poem (a huge hit btw) and underlined important instructions. We also talked about the rhyming words and learned some new vocabulary (I love teaching vocabulary). 

I left the poem up as reference, put on some spooky tunes, and my little artists were off...

Sometimes, I can't believe how ridiculously talented they are at such a young age. 
They blow me away!!!



The final product is pretty impressive. I love how they all followed the same directions but ended up with completely different pictures! We are working on helping them use the space wisely and create complete and colorful pictures.


The kiddies are so into Halloween that they have been making decorations for the class.

They are so cute!!!

It includes poems for all holidays and some fun extras too!

- Draw a Teacher
- Draw a Scarecrow
- Draw a Witch
- Draw a Vampire
- Draw a Turkey
- Draw an Elf
- Draw Santa
- Draw a Snowman
- Draw a Penguin
- Draw Cupid
- Draw a Leprechaun
- Draw a Bunny
- Draw a Bird
- Draw a Singer
- Draw a Lifeguard
- Draw a Clown
- Draw a Dinosaur
- Draw a Monster
- Draw a Chef
- Draw a Dragon

Until next time...

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