Cowboy Profiles

Hello Cowboys and Cowgirls,
I hope you are all doing well!
I'm back to share some more cowboy and cowgirl fun. This time it's all about my Cowboy Profiles!

We had fun reading about 2 cowboys and 2 cowgirls. Then the kiddies decided to become cowboys and cowgirls themselves and filled out some profiles of their own
and created crafts of themselves in Wild, Wild, West attire! 




Are these not seriously the cutest cowboys and cowgirls you've ever seen!?!?! 
They did such a good job!

After reading and writing about our friends from the Wild, Wild, West, we completed some fun activities that required the help of the profiles. 

Here's a little twist on reading comprehension.


This was such a fun addition to our cowboy theme. We really had a blast with this Craftivity.
You can check it out HERE!

Here is a little preview of what this pack includes!

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Until next time...

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