Cowboys in the Classroom

Howdy Everyone,
I'm here today to tell you all about our Wild, Wild West fun!

We had a blast reading about Tyler and Jenna and all of their responsibilities on the ranch!
After we read the color story the students practiced their fluency and illustrated their very own version of the story during shared reading.



After that, it was time to write their own Cowboy and Cowgirl tales!
They used the word wall and penned some great stories!


We made some hats and boots to display with the stories. 

I mean these hats are super stylish and practical for any wannabe cowboy and/or cowgirl!


And these boots... Well, these boots were made for walking!



We ended this unit with some cowboy themed literacy centers.



Cowboy Information Cards

Word Detective


Wanted Activity 

Word Search

We had SOOOOOOO much fun pretending to be cowboys and cowgirls for a few weeks. 
Check out my cowboy pack HERE!

Here is a little preview of what is included in this pack

You can also tune in for my Cowboy Profiles and Cowboy Day posts later this week!
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Until next time...

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