Olympic QR Code Fun!

Hi Everyone! 
Today, is a good day. Why, you ask? Well, first off, we started my Winter Olympics Sports Pack (Information Cards, Worksheets, & Activities) and it was so much fun! We ALSO had a great time with a great little QR code freebie I made for all of you (and, well, ME)! 
I decided to add it as one of my centers and the kiddies LOOOOOVED it! 

Oh let's see, what else... I was really, really, really behind on my correcting and tabulating, and finally caught up! Although, I am no where near done the "thou that shall not be named" (a.k.a. report cards), at least I'm a little more ahead than yesterday! (looking at the very BIG glass as half full here).

Last good day info, I am just loving all the Olympic coverage. Woke up at 2 am and couldn't sleep, ended up watching skiing, skiing, and more skiing events! 
So, yep, today can be summed up as a GOOD day!

Ok so here's the deal with my Winter Olympic Sports QR Code Video FREEBIE
A) It's fun!
B) It's fun!
C) My kiddies loved it (yours will too) and it's fun!

It includes 6 QR code cards, which lead students to YouTube videos of a variety of past Olympic sporting events. The students have a recording sheet, where they write some key information about the video and draw a picture. I also included answer keys for the teachers. 

I chose to use it as a center in my class, however my colleagues used it as a separate class activity and it also went well. You can even use the Smartboard (provided you have the appropriate wires to connect an ipad to the Smartboard) to complete it as a class. 

Here are the kiddies, hard at work!

Aaaaannnnnnnd, here are some samples of their work...

This little sweetheart made the most adorable mistake. The athlete's country of origin is Korea. Take a look at what she marked down! Too stinken cute!

Don't forget to check out my 

You can grab it right over HERE!
And, you can grab my FREEBIE right over HERE!

Until next time...

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