February Currently

Just popping in to share a little February Currently!
I love linking up with Farley, over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade!

Here it is!

I like to work with a little noise in the background! Quiet doesn't always work for me!
Chocolate also helps when I work! Tehehehe... I just make sure to fit it into my daily calorie intake or add an extra workout to burn it off! 

I am hoping to be lying on a beach come Spring Break! I really need to get away from all this cold weather and snow! Ughhhh!!!!

Report cards are looming again. Oiii, no matter how organized and prepared I am, it still takes forever and is sooooo not my favorite thing to do.

It is definitely true that I love my pup! He is adorable, active, smart, and cuddly!!!! As mentioned, the cold and I DO NOT get along, and I only really can accept snow (light snow) on Christmas! 

Here's a picture of my little fur baby! Love him!!!!

Oh boyyyyyy, he's cuutttteeee! 

Until next time...


  1. I sure could use a chocolate danish right now. Yum!!! Report card season just ended for me, thank goodness! Unfortunately, mid-term season will be here soon! :)

    EduKate and Inspire

  2. Okay Nicole YOU AND I ARE KINDRED SPIRITS!! Ha, I DETEST the snow (except a white Christmas, but let's not get crazy...a little dusting is just fine)!

    Your dog looks presh!

    You are in report card season? I am just sending home 3rd Quarter Progress Reports - I feel you on the grading/assessing though...it can be overwhelming. Here's to hoping you have an EXTRA productive weekend/week!

  3. I found your blog through the currently. Hope your report cards go well. We just sent ours home on Friday. I'm thankful it is over.

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  5. Your pup is super cute! Also, that chocolate danish sounds amazing.

    I'm happy to have found you through the Currently.

    Compassionate Teacher


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