Under the Sea...

Hello Everyone,
I have to say, my kiddies are HILARIOUS and a little bossy! Hehe! 
As you all know, we began our Ocean theme just last week and are having an absolute blast with it! I'll let you all in on a little secret... We will continue this theme for a while, then move on to a Beach Unit and finally end the year off with a Pool Party Theme! My bestie Mrs. Leslie over at First Grade Frenzy got me all excited with talks of sprinklers, popsicles, and water fun in the school yard!

Ok, back to my original reason for blogging today, as well as the explanation about the bossy students! Turns out, they love literacy centers more than I initially thought! At the very beginning of last week, one of my kiddies said, "So, when are we going to do ocean centers?" I answered, I don't have any at the moment." To which she responded, "You better get working on them, we want to have ocean centers!" True to form, I got working on it! 
Hey, if the kiddies want to learn, I'm gonna do all I can do to teach them! 

Now that Ms. Amanda (my student teacher) is gone, (she's finished and graduating!) I don't have as much time to read one-on-one with the kiddies anymore, thus we are back to guided reading lessons. What better time to do a guided reading lesson, than during literacy centers! 

This 68 page literacy center unit includes all kind of fun ways to introduce ocean vocabulary to yours kiddies! With vibrant colors and exciting graphics, your students will feel like they've taken a dive into the deep blue sea!

The package includes...

- 4 sea creature facts sheets with a recording sheet 
- 1 ocean theme word wall
- 1 feed the sharks sorting game (students must feed the sharks compound words, 4 and 5 letter words, and words with "sea" in them)
- 1 spelling center
- 1 bingo center 
- 1 word search
- 1 maze
- 5 writing stationary sheets
- 1 word and picture matching game (memory game)

All centers include all the word wall words and recording sheets (with the exception of the bingo center where there is no recording sheet). This ensures that the students are responsible for their learning throughout the centers as well as maximizes the chances of the kiddies correctly recognizing and writing all the new words by the completion of all centers. 

You can check out this new ocean unit on my TpT page!

While you're there, why not check out my Let's Go to the Beach Literacy Center Package!

Summer is upon us! Celebrate and teach your kiddies all about beach vocabulary. Students will participate in various literacy centers and writer's workshop activities that will consistently expose them to the same 28 beach vocabulary words. Thus, ensuring that upon completion of these centers, students will be able to recognize and write beach theme words. The use of beach graphics and a variety of colorful clipart will engage your students and create a fun and meaningful experience.

This package includes:

4 center menus
memory game (same 28 theme words and recording sheet)
bingo game (same 28 theme words and recording sheet)
word search (same 28 theme words)
word sorting game (same 28 theme words and recording sheet)
6 beach writing stationary papers
word wall including the same 28 words that are components of each station

You can find this unit right over HERE!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo

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