Pool Party Fun!

Hello Everyone,
I just finished up a new unit that is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

I can't wait for June to come along! My kiddies are sure to love this!

It includes:

- 4 center menus
- 1 word wall
- 1 bingo center 
- 1 memory center (with recording sheet)
-1 spelling center (with recording sheet)
- 1 word search center 
- 1 ABC order center (with recording sheet)
- 4 writing stationary templates

You can check it all out right over HERE!

If you like this, you might want to head over to the beach!

It includes:

- 4 center menus
- 1 memory game (with recording sheet)
- 1 bingo game
- 1 word search
- 1 word sorting game (with recording sheet)
- 1 word wall
- 5 writing stationary template

 You check this one out right over HERE!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


  1. omg love the pool party packet... such a great idea for the kids to do during the summer or when school is about to end.. def checkin that out!! im new to blogging so feel free to leave me any advice you can... you seem like a pro and i can take all the advice i can get in this crazy blogging world =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

    1. Thanks so much! My goodness a pro!! I'm not so sure! I am quite new to this blogging business as well! I have been learning along the way and have made some pretty silly mistakes! I have to admit, blogging and blog stalking have made me a better teacher! I am obsessed and can't believe how many amazing teachers there are all over the world! Check out the blogs I follow, as many of them are run by the real blogging gurus! You will learn a lot from them! Check out the label "Blog Information" in my archives and you will find a freebie on how to make a blog as well as a link to an amazing blogger who shares videos on how to create and maintain blogs! You can also ask me questions any time and it will be my pleasure to help you (to the best of my ability of course) :) Nicole


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