Oceans of Fun

Happy Saturday to All!
Now I know everyone is probably already thrilled because it's the weekend, but I thought I'd make my cyber friends even happier by sharing a freebie!

It's ocean themed, of course, and will have your kiddies smiling from ear to ear.
I know mine had a great time playing these games!

Your students will have the opportunity to give the octopus the right amount of arms, match words and pictures, place words in ABC order, complete a word search 
(I thought this might not go so well but it actually did! 
They looked for words from their seat and came up if they had found one), 
create patterns using sea shells, 
and place the sea shells in the pail 
(Thought this one might be a little boring! Not the case!).

I'm thinking this a great lesson for a Friday afternoon, or even to use as a center!
Grab yourself a free copy right over HERE

Until next time...

Ms. Nicole xo

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