5 Days of Giveaways!

Hello Friends,
This post is going to make you all veeeeerrryyy happy!
My good friend Valerie, over at All Students Can Shine will be having a baby! Yippeee! Better yet, he will be here verrryyy soon! In honor of his upcoming arrival, his mommy is having a H-U-G-E GIVEAWAY! Yipppeeeeee times 100!!!! She so graciously asked me if I'd take part in this wonderful giveaway and I obviously said YES! 

So here is what you HAVE TO DO!

You must follow my/this blog and my TpT Store
You must also follow Valerie over at All Students Can Shine as well as her TpT Store
You can also get an extra chance to win if you blog about this fabulous giveaway 
using this adorable little picture!!! Feel free to throw in a shout out about this blog too! HeHe!

So here's what you can WIN...

Each day, for 5 days, Valerie will be featuring a product from a different blogger. There are 5 of us in all and we have each agreed to donate a product. Each day, you get the chance to win a 20$ "gift card" for Valerie's TpT Store and the product in question. Not too shabby right?!

Today, I am being featured and have donated this product (one of my best sellers)

This unit is a fun and exciting way to learn all about contractions. Students will take part in many great activities and practice using contractions in various ways. Through the colorful and vibrant images, students will be motivated to complete tasks. With a cupcake theme as a basis, this unit provides students with an amusing approach to mastering this skill.

Included in the package are:

- 8 contraction rule signs (colorful and informative)

- a complete list of 64 words and associated contractions (can be given to the students as a reference)

- 4 contractions centers including: memory game, build a sentence game, match the word with contraction game, and build a contraction game (all centers/games include recording sheets for students to use)

- 3 contraction worksheets (great for homework review)

The students will love using the cupcake patterns to play games and build contractions. A great resource that can be implemented any time of year. 

Be sure to stop by Valerie's Blog today and enter for a chance to win! What's there to lose! 

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo

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