Hurray for Earth Day!

Hi Friends!
As I was looking over my calendar for next week, I realized that I could not possibly begin my ocean unit just yet as Earth Day is approaching! Although we celebrate our planet (and take care of it) each day, we do like to pay special attention to our home on this day! I have been hard at work creating yet another literacy center unit that I think my kiddies will love for Earth Day! 

Take a look!

It's a great little package... Here's a little more info about it!

Hurray for Earth Day! Get your kiddies excited about taking care of our planet with this 90 page package filled with literacy center activities. Filled with colorful graphics and engaging games, this package will be a real crowd pleaser! The object of this unit is to familiarize your students with new vocabulary words and ensure that they be able to recognize and write most of the words by the completion of the 4 centers. This package includes:

- 4 center menus
- 1 word wall
- 1 word matching center (memory game) which includes all word wall words and a recording sheet
- 1 word sorting game (short and long vowels) which includes most word wall words and a recording sheet
- 1 word search center, which includes all word wall words
- 1 bingo center, which includes all word wall words
- 7 writing stationary sheets

Take a look for yourself over at my TpT store and let me know what you think! Not to worry! I will blog plenty about the whole ocean bit and will have some freebies available for you soon!
Can't wait for my kiddies to learn all about Earth Day vocabulary!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo

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