Easter Bunny Writing

Hey Everyone, 
Been a while... I know, I know...
I have been preparing for the arrival of my cousins. They are coming all the way from Greece to visit for Easter. Yippeee!

So, as lovely as it is to have visitors (they shall arrive tomorrow) it does take away from my blogging time with you! Sorry! 

As we are celebrating Easter at our school, I have an adorable writing activity for you!
I have not yet had the chance to receive completed activities from the kiddies, however I wanted to share right away, so as to give you a chance to actually do this with your little ones. I usually like to include samples of the students' work, however due to time constraints you will have to make do with my S.T. Amanda's demonstration! By the way, this was her activity that she so graciously let me blog about! I have turned her into an arts and crafts monster (she already had it in her, I just helped her become as obsessed as I am)! HeHe!

So here it is...

Adorable right! Oh, and by the way, we managed to incorporate our whole superhero theme in this activity too! Notice the scarf, it gives the bunny superpowers! 

Now, as much as I loooooooove technology, I am not on good terms with it today! For some reason, my scanner is being defiant and refuses to scan the template! Sooooo... In order to give it to you today, I have taken a picture of the template and converted it to pdf. This is not ideal but will have to do for now! 
The writing stationary is in great condition, not to worry! 

You can grab a copy of the bunny template right over HERE!
Grab a copy of the writing stationary right HERE!

Hope your kiddies enjoy this as much as mine did! 
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Hop on by again for some more spring ideas and freebies! I will also be "unveiling" (hehe!) my next theme soon! You can bet there will be lots freebies there!

Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo

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