Bears Love to Read AND can be Superheroes too!

Hey Cyber Friends,
Just wanted to write up a quick post about our "I Love to Read Week." We are having such a great time! As promised, I found a way to incorporate the bear theme (for I Love to Read Week) with my superhero theme! Of course, (this is "the as promised part") I have a freebie for you. 
It's really just a template, but still worth the visit!

Before I share all about Mr. and Mrs. Tough Stuff (that's the name the kiddies insisted upon) I would like to share a great activity that our school's Reading Week committee prepared. It was such a wonderful experience for the kiddies, everyone should try it! Shout out to Ms. Kelly (I know she'll read this) and the committee for this wonderful idea.

Today, we had a read aloud. Every teacher in the school chose a story book to read (bear themed of course) and displayed it outside their classroom. I'm a little ashamed of my sign. It was a last minute creation and lacks my usual twinkle and shine! I may have forgotten to make a sign! 

As our school is separated in a really great way, (firsties and second graders on one floor, grade 3 and 4 on another and 5 and 6 on the top floor), we were able to have the kiddies choose which reading they wanted to attend. It was just darling to watch the kiddies contemplate and finally decided which story to listen to. They took it very seriously! It was also really nice to have firsties and second graders together, as well as students from several classes mixed shoulder to shoulder in one room. 
What a fun 30 minutes it was!

Now, here's the freebie! As it is "I Love to Read Week" and the theme is bears, I decided, along with my s.t. Amanda to incorporate it into our superhero unit. The kiddies made bears who put on reading glasses. The reading glasses gave the bears superpowers. The kiddies wrote all about the powers the bears received... Things like invisibility, flying, super speed, intelligence... One little cutie wrote about a bear who made everyone in sight fall in love with her, when she put the glasses on. Too precious!

Here are some examples...

If you'd like a FREE template for the bear, you can grab yourself a copy right over HERE!
Grab yourself some stationary right over HERE!

 Until next time...
Ms. Nicole xo


  1. Very cute! I'm not having any luck download it though. :-(

    First Grade Delight

    1. Thanks!
      Mmmm... It does take long to load and appear, however it does appear and does download! If you'd like I can email it to you! Let me know! (and leave me your email of course!). :)



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