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Alright, so here I am the last day of Spring Break having had no rest, no time for blogging, and a big great knee injury! Yippee for me! 

Turns out, I have runners knee. So now, I can't run until it gets better and need to have physiotherapy to strengthen my knee. Did I mention I LOVE to run! Did I also mention I may have eaten some cheese cake (twice) because I was sad about the whole "NO running business!" 

Please tell me its okay, as I may have felt quite more that a "little" guilty after stopping the gym for 2 weeks and eating sugar!!!

 Ok! OK! Enough complaining from me, let's get down to business! I have a new unit beginning tomorrow: SUPERHEROES!!!! 

I am so excited about this unit and so is my student teacher Ms. Amanda. We have been hard at work all week coming up with great ideas for this new theme. 

I have noticed that my kiddies writing has improved a great deal and love how imaginative and original their stories are. Many have been ATTEMPTING to use dialogue in their writing and are having a little trouble! I have decided its time to focus on grammar in their writing and thought we'd begin with some review work and then slowly introduce quotation marks. 

How might we go about this, you ask? Well its simple! A SmartBoard story, of course! As you know, I love to create my own storybooks, via the SmartBoard, and love how interactive it is for the kiddies. I also get to decide the length of my story AND what vocabulary or lessons we will work on. 

This is my latest creation...

The story stars Super Boy and Bubble Gum Girl. They both love to talk A LOT, and so there are many quotation marks in the story! I also used some new vocabulary words to enhance their language when reading and writing.

Here is a sample page...
Read the story to the students (modeling great fluency and intonation, etc... etc...) Then reread the story with the kiddies and have them come up and circle the quotation marks and dialogue pieces.

And here is where you can grab yourself a copy of  this story for FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!! 

Wait! Wait! There's more! As a follow up activity to the reading, we have created a shared reading story. After reading, you can give out the Shared Reading version of the story. 

This is a print copy of the SmartBoard story. Reread the pages with your students and then have them highlight the quotation marks and dialogue (something they will love!). Finally, they must read the story on their own (or with a buddy) and illustrate it. This will take several lessons. Thus, you may review the pages that you have read and choose 1 or 2 more to complete, for each lesson. This is a great way to improve fluency (as they reread a familiar story several times) as well as boost up the confidence of some of your more reluctant readers. 

Lastly, you can have your kiddies think of their own superhero stories and practice using dialogue. Here is a great little comic strip you can use to motivate them to write!

Grab a FREE copy of the Shared Reading Activity HERE!
And... A FREE copy of the comic strip template HERE!

If you are interested in using more superhero themed lessons or grammar units in your classroom, you may also check out my Teacher Store.

As you know, I will be blogging a lot about Superheroes and Grammar in the next coming weeks! I may slip in some other little ideas too, of course! Please don't be shy to stop by anytime and drop me a comment! I'm also excited about the approach of having 100 followers! I may have to do something special when that happens!!!

Until next time.. 
Ms. Nicole xo


  1. Hi. Is the Superhero smartboard story and shared reading still available? Thanks.

    1. Unfortunately this version is NOT however I am working on another one. Hope to get it up in the near future. Thanks for stopping by!


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